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Artist: Baby Bash f/ Marcos Hernandez
Album:  Cyclone
Song:   Mamacita
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[Baby Bash]
Yeah (Yeah...)
Mamacita (Mamacita...)
Chiquitica (Chiquitica...)
In a fly way (In a fly way...)
Ronnie Ray (Ronnie Ray...)
what is it

Chorus: Marcos Hernandez
Mamacita (Mamacita)
Pensando en ti, como yo te quiero
Te quiero
Mi corazon es para ti, yo te espero
Te espero
Cuando estas conmigo, nunca tienes miedo
Un dia vas a ver quien es el mejor

[Baby Bash]
(Verse 1)
My mamacita got it goin' on, poppin' the most
Like papparazi, when they watch me and her hop in the low
No destination, but we racin' in the drop, on some chrome
We know you heard it all before, but I'm your rock and your stone
It feels right
Me and you sharing a star
It's real tight
And nothing's gonna tear us apart
So true
I'm feeling like I'm heavenly blessed
What it do
Me and you to put the love to the test
It's so crazy when someone understands your mood
With a open invitation that I can't refuse
Girl, you never have to worry when my hand's with you
Cherry pie is so bomb, and I can't defuse

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
I can be your other half, baby, I'm your soulmate
I can keep you cozy cause you know that you my shorty
Seem like you the only real one who really know me
So this song is dedicated to my one and only
An angel with them eyes and them honey butter thighs
Tryin' to figure out 'bout her wedding ring size
I can be your lover, baby, your best friend
And momma, when we ride, we gon' ride to the end
Cause I
Know just what you need
You need some high definition in your L-I-F-E
And I
Know what's on your mind
And I'll be patient, I been waiting for a very long time

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
Let's keep it trill, baby boo, let's keep it honest
A chief like myself, need a little Pocahontas
To keep it A-1
Mamacita, that's a promise
Til the die I curl, I'm a treat you like a goddess

Hook: Baby Bash
Cause everybody know
Every king need a queen
With that super fly vibe, and that high self esteem

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

[Marcos Hernandez]
Mamacita, yeah
Ah, ah

[Baby Bash]
What is it
What, what
What is it
What is it
What, what
What is it