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Artist: Baby Bash f/ Mistah F.A.B., Pimp C (UGK), Da Stooie Bros.
Album:  Cyclone
Song:   Mean Mug *
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* track was pre-censored before its release

[Da Stooie Bros.]
You embarrassing us
Take that monkey shit off
You embarrassing us

Chorus: Mistah F.A.B.
Now everybody gon' do it
Y'all know what's up
On my face, and it's called the mean mug
Everybody gon' do it
When they step up in the club
Mask on tight, and it's called the mean mug
Now everybody gon' do it
I practice looking hard
Mamis, hoodrats, even superbad broads
Everybody gon' do it
Man, y'all know what it is
Face in ya face, and we do it like this

[Verse 1: Baby Bash]
Mug on mad dawg, like I'm ready to box
But I ain't trippin' past the women and some heam on the rocks
I got a whole lot of credit and my pennies is long
I put a thizz on my face and bob my head to the song
Fall through the door with a smirk
Haters feelings gettin' hurt
Cause I pulled that main skirt
Mac Dre on my shirt
You know we fin to perk, face lookin' like I
Just smelled some grand daddy purp'
You see
I like where I'm at, but I love where I'm goin'
I'm leaving with a half-breed Mexican and Samoan
She superbad, stuntin' hard, mean mug on her grill
Countin' feri', already steady huggin' the wheel

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Pimp C]
What you lookin' at, [{*bitch (Bitch)*}]
Pimp C, [{*nigga*}]
[{*Hoe*}], I said, what I said and back it up, with the [{*trigger*}]
All you [{*pussy niggas*}] scary, if you mad, say my name
You a Playstation [{*nigga*}]
I don't play no [{*fuckin'*}] games (Games)
I ain't comin' for the fame, [{*bitch*}], I came to get some money (Money)
Like magic green, for the cream, gone for the honey (Honey)
See that rabbit trick/Trix offer, get my neck so sunny (Sunny)
My ring's so sick
Got your [{*bitch pussy*}] runnin' ([{*Pussy*}] runnin')
Got your car on my earlobe, [{*bitch (Lobe, bitch)*}]
You a star, but this a real [{*hoe bitch (Hoe bitch)*}]
You a new [{*pussy nigga*}], tryin' to battle with us
Take that monkey [{*shit*}] off
You embarrassing us

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
[Angel Dust] I got a mirror, man
[Rich Rap]   I might just lookin' meaner
[Angel Dust] I 'bout to walk up to ya gang
[Rich Rap]   I'm knockin' out the leader
             I know it's ugly, right
[Angel Dust] No Freddy Krueger mask
[Both]       Somebody told us we look like we 'bout to whoop a ass
[Angel Dust] So I told them this
[Rich Rap]   Everybody gon' do it
[Angel Dust] The look on my face
[Rich Rap]   Came out a scary movie
[Angel Dust] We'll show you how to do it
             Start lookin' hella mad
[Rich Rap]   Start gettin' hella crunk
[Angel Dust] Start goin' hella bad
[Rich Rap]   Even though the fine girls
[Angel Dust] Make you look real good
[Rich Rap]   Sweat drippin'
[Angel Dust] Teeth grittin'
[Both]       That's that peel look
[Rich Rap]   You could be a square
[Angel Dust] Or you could be a thug
[Rich Rap]   It don't matter what you is
[Angel Dust] Let me see you mean mug

Repeat Chorus

[Baby Bash (Mistah F.A.B.)]
Mean muggin'
Mean muggin'
Mean muggin'
Mean muggin' (Now everybody gon' do it)
Mean muggin'
Mean muggin'
Mean muggin'
Mean muggin' (Now everybody gon' do it)