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Artist: Baby Bash & Jay Tee f/ Paula DeAnda, Angel Dust
Album:  Latino Velvet - The Camp Is Back
Song:   Bubble On
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[Verse 1: Baby Bash]
Now, Baby Bash, that's my homie
Playamade, one and only
If you hatin' on his ass, you full of shit and baloney
Ride that wave like a pony
Hustle and testimony
If your witness comin' up, you know
He never phony
Show me cake and the Lucci
Diamonds with Rees in Gucci
We dumpin'
Over fedi, you squares, dump over coochie
Don't act
Like you ain't knowin'
Claimin' that you be rollin'
But it's gettin' so bad, you got ya baby momma hoe in
I'm growin', like a dick on Viagra
Tryin' to burst on my bubble, then I'm blappin' ya
Latino Velvet, you could smell it from a mile away
The mack hand comin' down, when we stackin' the pay

Chorus: Paula DeAnda
Baby, get your bubble on
Get ya bubble on
Yeah, yeah, oooh
Then baby, bring that lovin' home
Bring that lovin' home
Baby, get your bubble on
Get ya bubble on
Then baby, bring that lovin' home
Bring that lovin' home

[Verse 2: Angel Dust]
Holla at ya partner, little pimpin', what it dookie (What it do)
If you ain't tryin' to ball, then you can hand it off to me
I run it like it's fourth in a hundred fourth quarter
Touchin' down on the turf, hittin' off for a corner
Your rock style's borin', I'll be feelin' sleepy through it {*sleeping*}
When I can't sleep
I just listen to your music
I might do the foolio to screw your hoe in jet
If I can bring this underground, to the top of the cement (Yeah)
Bustin' you, he's in the turnin' lane
To the set
I love ya, ma, but it's the first
And I'm comin' to correct
We be havin' pimpin' ways and
We ain't even pimps (No)
Get it right, boy, and do it like this

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Jay Tee]
I'm in the game so deep, mayne, can't you see
That's the V.P.D. don't fuck with me (Fuck with me)
All I do is sell bomb and blow
I'll make my money in the streets, player, I'm a pro
I does my thang, real sly and slick
And so quick (Quick)
This Latino Velvet clique
I swear we got fans all across the nation
The L.V.C. is like the new sensation
We came a long way from the Public Housing
Did a show last night for about fifteen thousand
And even though
I'm doin' fine (I'm doing fine)
When I get home
Jay Tee's right back on the grind (Oooh!)

Repeat Chorus