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Artist: Baby Bash f/ Bosko
Album:  Latino Velvet - The Camp Is Back
Song:   My Life
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[Baby Bash (Bosko in background)]
Ya, ya
Check, check (Oh)
Is it on?
It's on (Baby Bash)
All right, it's on
Come on
It's all gravity
I'm a roll 'em off like that, one time (Let's spark that hash)
It's all gravity
Levitation, Bos-kelly (Let's spend this cash)
What it is

Chorus: Bosko
We got weed to smoke, whips to roll
Chicks to cut, and cash to blow
Our V.I.P. list at the door
That's my life, it's all I know

Repeat Chorus

[Baby Bash]
(Verse 1)
It's the return of that
Nut, Baby Beeshy, love is chicken greasy
Shittin' on these haters, that love, to taste the feces
I'm a fool, I'm a nutter
Gone off the butter
Chiefin' real big, from Cali to Calcutta
And gone wacko off tobacco
Mixed, with the dodo
Them squares ain't ready for the modern day cholo
Used to be a player, but now
I'm in official
Hooked up
With Bosko, now we do the damn dizzle
The only nigga with a Benz, still on welfare
No insurance, no license and no
Health care
Computer illiterate
Smoke more than a little bit
A straight fucking idiot
You think that I give a shit?

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
My beezy, man
So thick, her body
Lookin', like
Sheila, (???)
The skunk
The kush
The grand daddy purple
Would you please gather around
And pass it
In a circle (Here you go)
My style
My swang
My thang
It's groovy
When you bankin' on the dollar, so hollar
When you wanna choose me
I spit it
I read it
I wrote it
So quote it
Fully, loaded
Self, promoted
Margarita, Vil and Daquari's, blowin' on a sack of trees
Chokin' so hard, I swear to God, I'm turnin' Japanese

[Baby Bash]
Chokin' so hard, I swear to God, I'm turnin' Japanese

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Singing Verse: Bosko]
I stay
Blown away, off that
California purple
I was
Born to play, breakin'
Bitches by the purse full
I stay
On the blade, and all these
Popos tryin' to circle
I guess
Ma is to blame, that's why we
Spit these vicious verbals

Hook: Bosko
We poppin' purp'
Drink Malibu
We choppin' work
Break a few
She got them curves 
And held a few
You know it's chuuch
Good afternoon

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus Til Fade