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Artist: Baby Bash f/ Battle Loco (The Federation), Marty James (One Block Radius), Nino Brown
Album:  Latino Velvet - The Camp Is Back/Nino Brown's "Chevrolet Boogie"
Song:   Old School
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Chorus: Marty James
I took the top off
My black sixteen
I'm a hand some corners
On my ride today
In my old school
In my old school
In my old school
In my old school
In my old school

[Verse 1: Nino Brown]
It's the most
Original, generated
The most wanted
Most hated, Chevrolet holmes
Completely outdated
Candy painted pearl blue
Nino Beezy
From La-leezy
Bet I got them dame piece breezies, fool
All up in my old school
It's like a penthouse suite
Leather tucked in roll, nina, she up under my seat
Creased up linen
Hundred spoke D spinnin'
My primo Bash, we gon' keep winnin', mayne
Three wheel motion and sippin' on that lethal potion
That means we toastin', mayne
Bumpin' this old school
We keep it so true
I'm in the fast lane, doin' 'bout twenty, holmes

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Baby Bash]
I backs out from the G-rage
Looking like a mirage
Bumpin' that Love To Hate
From Bash and T-Boz
Apple over silver
Candy paint dripper
Pull the top back and blow the smoke out the swisha
Chevy strikin' heavy, straight hoggin' the lanes
No time for battle rappin', mayne, I'm ballin' for change
You know my six-tre is timeless, con me and Pocahontas
Take a little cruise, while we smokin' on the finest

Pre-Chorus: Baby Bash
It's 85 outside, so I parked the Esco
Hit the car show, when I hit my desto
They say, "Ronnie Ray, how you get so fly"
Up in my old school, lookin' so P.I.

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Battle Loco]
I got a fleet line, cool pipe, fresh dipped chrome
Two pack pop Don's
In Suicide clothes
Two Cover Girl heinas with they high heels on
Put they monkey on the bumper, low ride fa 'sho
I'm gangsta down
501 Stacy Adams
Ducktales shirt, Godfather with the cannon
Skirts wore in hers, look like the back fingers draggin'
Days like diamond seat threw in when I cashin'
A bar in the back, like it's made for a mack
Flake invisible roof
That'll drop like a rag
Music gon' blast to the sound of the 12 gauge
Bumpin' down the block, speakers 'bout to catch a murder case
Marvin Gaye singing loud like he still here
Girls throwin' thongs in the window, sayin' "Hell yeah"
Loco, ghetto born, land of grafitti
Gettin' detailed up
Like two sweeties in teeny bikinis (GANGSTA!)

Repeat Chorus

[Nino Brown]
Put it down, boy
Baby Bash
Battle Loco
Mark Trizzown
Nino Briddown
Cosmos, yeah
Shinin' up that old school, baby