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Artist: Jay Tee f/ Big Gemini, Merciless
Album:  Latino Velvet - The Camp Is Back
Song:   Show it Off
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[Big Gemini]

[Verse 1: Big Gemini]
This Big Gemini (Yeah)
Broadcastin' live (Hun)
From D-Town muh'fucker til the day that I die (Uh)
I give you what you want (Want)
I give you what you need (Need)
This for my hustlers makin' money in the fuckin' streets (Whoo!)
And for my bitches too
I ain't forgot you, hoes
You showin' off that thong, but ma, you need to show me more (Show me)
I see you, mama
You shakin' that body
I ain't big and flossin', but you can tell that I got it
Win a thousand at the bar, spit the finest cigars (Uh, yeah)
24"s on the ride, God damn, I'm a star
Me and my clique shine so bright (BING!)
Light up your night like 4th of July

Chorus: Big Gemini
Big body, big chain, we gon' show it off
Just copped the Q.P., we gon' blow it off
Got a dame piece, nigga, I'm a show it off
We comin' through, for real, it ain't nothin', dawg
{*Big Gemini sings to beat*}

[Verse 2: Merciless]
Off jump, we get crunk
We wild or wicked
I'm straight out the barrio
I'm explicit
See, my people's all shattered the block
Another episode
Chicas wanna get on my ride, so I let 'em roll
I'm in a seven-deuce cut supreme
You can find me on the highway, jumped and lean
At the front of the club, I step in and parle
The things that we don't do just to party
Bright lights flashin'
DJ makin' you move
And them suckers who you with
Just makin' you lose
Over here, we do it big
Fuck you over there
Roll big, stack big, nigga, we don't care

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Jay Tee]
I take a sip and pop a pill, I'm high as a hill
There's candy in the paint
Gold on the grill
A Playboy Bay Boy, green on a guero
I put the pedal, to the metal, to get my dinero
I shake and bake it
Do everythang but fake it
If it gets hard to make it
That's when I take it
I'm a boss, that floss, with diamonds that glisten
I got a million dollar mouth piece, so watch how they listen
I'm a show up at a club a quarter to two
I know they 'bout to close, but watch what I do
I'm P.L.P., waitin' on hoes
Twenty thousand in jewels, and all of it showin'

Repeat Chorus