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Artist: Baby Bash f/ Richie Rich, Russell Lee, A-Wax
Album:  Super Saucy
Song:   Better Than I Can Tell Ya
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[Russell Lee]
Yeah yeah
I'm a spit some of this real game
Some real shit
Some real talk
Na, na

[Verse 1: Richie Rich]
Check my watch
Check my chain
It's simple and plain, the Chevy with the blew out brains
As I
Bounce and mash
Count this cash
Floss and flash
Cop, then blow a zip with Bash
Since everything is big in Texas, then
Where's the zag's
I'm a cross the finish line, tell me
Where's the flags
Brought my
Rag top, should've brought the Jag
On the beach, me and Beesh, look at all this ass
I can
Tell you stories, but can show you cash
Give you
Game and secrets that I know you'll pass
To the next player hater
And he'll break like glass
Now I got a bunch of people digging' through my pads
So I
Choose to floss, cous', who's the boss
Let's ink it
It's Richie Rich, for those who thought
Re-think it
Some yell it, tell it, I blow it, smoke it, and smell it
And spend tokens with my people who sell it

Chorus: Russell Lee
I can show you better than I can tell ya
Tell ya
I can show you better than I can tell ya
Tell ya
I can show you better than I can tell ya
Whoa, yeah
But it's really nothin' though (But it's really nothin' though)
But it's really nothin' though (But it's really nothin' though)

[Verse 2: Baby Bash]
I could show you
Somethin' dirty deep up in them corners, mayne
What the deal
I could bend the block and make it hotter than a Forman grill
I got the keys to the Chevy Caprice
I can show you motherfucker snitchin', straight to Belize
Now that's low
Fa sho conspiracy and parole
I could show you real cats doin' time over a hoe
I could show you poor and happy, or rich ones who lose they mind
I can show you dame pieces in school fashion design
I could show you street lights and Heartbreak Hotels
I could show you, young cats, gettin' popped with yayo
Down to do, what I gotta do, to satisfy the man in me
And from the looks of thangs, the popos ain't understandin' me
The original digital scale reader
The pedigree player who be stackin' his Velveeta
I could show you boss stuntin' so fuckin' disgustin'
I could show you rappers frontin', but mayne
It's really nothin'

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: A-Wax]
I could show you
I could reach you and teach you
I know you and where you comin' from, I understand it
This been goin' on forever, dawg, it's no end
Life is like a
Bullet in your back from a close friend
Disappointing, to the point
Where I'm runnin' by myself
Never knowin' where I'm goin', start to wonder myself (Yeah)
Money was a necessity, my greed got the best of me (Got the best of me)
You think you smokin' Uncle B, who got the recipe
I'm saying it's nothin'
I say it sincerely
And speakin' clearly
I'd rather you respect me than fear me
I came a long way, and still, I got a while to go
You probably thinkin' to yourself
What's he smilin' for?
My dawg Bash about to be platinum, doin' his thang
So if you hate him for it, boy, you fakin' and know it
We takin' this money
Big bundles of bills
I'm like a whole another person when it come to this scrill

Repeat Chorus Twice