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Artist: Baby Bash f/ Nate Dogg
Album:  Super Saucy
Song:   That's My Lady (Money)
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[Russell Lee]
Money, money, money, money

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
That's my lady
She will never let me down (Money, money, money...)
That's my baby
She's gon' always be around (Money, money, money...)
She'll never play me
She'll stay true
When I leave town (Money, money, money...)
That's my playmate
Got my mind on my money, and my money on my mind

[Pre-Verse: Baby Bash]
She my peso, my dinero, my paper, my playmate
She always on time, and never a day late
She's never on a diet, my pockets, they gain weight
And me without her is somethin' I can't take

[Baby Bash]
(Verse 1)
Now we gon' ride like the wind, my lover, my dividend
She my feri', I'm her daddy, and she, my best friend
Got me spendin' weekends in Kingston, Jamaica
Oooh, my favorite genie
Oooh, I love my paper
And when she step out of line, daddy gon' hit on a grind
Facin' penitentiary time, but she eventually mine
The same color as my hydro
I swear to God
The only breezy that I'll die for
My mind so

Pre-Chorus 1: Baby Bash
In love with this cheddar, me and her go together
Like birds, of one feather, she keep me ridin' on leather
And chrome
You know it's on, when my baby home
She my Playboy bunny that's sweeter than honeycomb


(Verse 2)
Love at first sight, sex on the first night
My blessin'
When I'm stressin', she keepin' my game tight
She doin' the thang right, she deep in the blue sea
If I'm
Ricky Ricardo, then she's my Lucy
My fly's serenity, my pocket of energy
As a matter of fact, she gon' bring the Hennesey
I love to hold her
Fold her
Her love is so douja
Got them dame pieces, makin' love to my poster (What is it)

Pre-Chorus 2: Baby Bash
I'm lovin' this part of the game
And my money ain't genocide, ain't got to explain
Swangin' from lane to lane, we doin' the damn thang
My money, my motivation, my national campaign


[Natalie]   My pride
            My joy
            My everything
[Baby Bash] It's what I'm talkin' 'bout
[Natalie]   I'll ride
            My boy
            On everything
[Baby Bash] It's what I'm talkin' 'bout
[Natalie]   My pride
            My joy
            My everything
[Baby Bash] It's what I'm talkin' 'bout
[Natalie]   I'll ride
            My boy
            On everything

[Russell Lee] Money, money, money, money
[Baby Bash]   Yeah
              My scrill or scratch
[Russell Lee] Money
[Baby Bash]   That good feria
              That big bread
[Russell Lee] Money, money, money, money
[Baby Bash]   Y'all ready know