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Artist: Baby Bash f/ Natalie, Paul Wall
Album:  Super Saucy
Song:   Throwed Off
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[Paul Wall (Baby Bash)]
Paul Wall
Baby Bash
What they talkin' 'bout
I'm just sittin' here (It's throwed off, playa)
What is it (It's throwed off, playa)
Oh really (It's throwed off, playa)
It's goin' down

(Natalie in background)
[Baby Bash] It's throwed off, playa (Already)
            It's throwed off, playa (Already)
            It's throwed off, playa (Already)
[Natalie]   You already know
[Baby Bash] It's throwed off, playa (Already)
            It's throwed off, playa (Already)
            It's throwed off, playa (Already)
[Natalie]   Throwed everywhere we go

Repeat Chorus

[Baby Bash]
(Verse 1)
Now it's about that time
We rearrange your mind
With jam and jersey, fer sherzy, we blowin' on that pine
They call me Baby Bash
So wet, when I park, I splash
I only fuck with the trill, that ain't no succotash
Now let's accelerate
And get to celebratin'
I throw my drank in your face with all that playa-hation
I'm knuckle headed
Super unleaded, watch me, pimp
We got 'em goin' hard, down at the Roxy, pimp
I got a superbad
We keep it On Tha Cool
Space City, H-Town, mayne, what it do
Let's get it gravitated
Get thrown out the club
I'm throwed off like a motherfucker poppin' bud

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
Now you just
Tuned into the crunk show, nephews and my uncles
We pop and perk, put in work, so what's up, though
We like it big and heavy
Enormous and humongous
And all my fingers, it looked like it grew some green fungus
I'm tryin' to bump a bees
Without even tryin'
I'm throwed off like a fast ball from Nolan Ryan
Some like to get it hyphy
Some like to get it crunk
Some like that goldfast and some like that purple stuff

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 3: Paul Wall]
I'm the Chick Magnet
I'm the People's Champ
I'm in a club, throwed off, cause I'm the People's Tramp
I'm taking shots of Patron, I wash it down with a beer
I spit the same macking game to every dame piece here
I'm the type of good discussion to the girls at the bar
They wonder if I'm drinking alcohol or sippin' on bar
They fell in love with my car
They wanna marry my cash
They wanna be down with a player cause I'm ridin' with Bash
I pull up on Parelli, dripping candy painted - Jelly
I stop at Chimmy Chans, and throw somethin' in my - Belly
It's Paul Wall the G and the mack
It's going down cause I'm throwed like that
I'm just sayin'

Repeat Chorus Twice