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Artist: Ant Banks f/ Chuey Gomez, E-40
Album:  Big Thangs 
Song:   Coolin in the Luff 
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[Chuey Gomez]
Are you motherfuckers really ain't knowing;
What's going down today?
Well, Logg on www-dot-BIGTHANGS!!
Chuey Geezey up here, you know
There's a lot of platinum players
Wouldn't get a chance to come down at the Luff
And lace it down but you know.. we ain't mad at you!
If you got love for us, logg on and represent motherfucker!!


Mack One Dime!!
Excuse me play-boy
Aiy, check this out
Aiy, nigga, check this out
We're crimers, right?
That mean you're my partner in crime
Like that, check this out
Let's let them know something, uhh.. you know
Niggaz should have been plugged up 
From L.A. to the Bay, you understand?
We're doing Big Thangs, Big Thangs motherfucker
Big Thangs FOOL!!