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Artist: Ant Banks f/ Ice Cube, Too $hort
Album:  Big Thangs 
Song:   Big Thangs 
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We havin big thangs 
Ice Cube, the only nigga that can bring Too $hort out of retirement 
Representin money 
Hmm, beeitch 

Verse One: Ice Cube, Too $hort 

Wise crackin felines, unh 
Can a nigga make a bee-line? 
to that nappy area, don't wanna marry ya 
Just wanna bury ya head in a pillow 
Sorry but I got a kilo pussy-willow 
Janked ass penicillin, ain't got ta ask how ya feelin 
I'm tha nigga that got ya squealin 
Ya wanna know how we keep these hoes in check? 
Keep them broke and keep their panties soakin wet 

I like to smoke big, ride fat, and always stack cash 
Believe me, keep her breezy with her fat ass (fat ass) 
Big thangs on my mind ain't trippin at all 
They call me $hort, but I got a big dick in my drawers 
I feel like a giant sometimes, bitch don't stare 
You'll go blind from my diamonds 
Tryin ta size me up, but basketball I ain't playin 
Call a tech, blow the whistle, throw the bitch out the game 


We havin big thangs (like it's the thang to do) 
Big thangs baby ($hort Dawg and Cube) 
We havin big thangs (like it's the thang to do) 
Big thangs baby (you know it's true, really doe) 

Verse Two: Ice Cube, Too $hort 

Now how can I let this bitch run it? 
When her ass ain't never felt the seats of a 600 (now) 
Tricks we take shits at the rents, we donít get excited 
over long hair and big tits 
$hort Dawg they get hella weak, when I tell the freak 
we the richest niggas that you gonna ever meet 
We got bosses in the back, countin the stack 
We got cunts in the front with Hennesey and blunts 
Now what you want? 

She wanna get fucked all night long, bitch what's up? 
You know I got a tight song 
Heard me on the radio, I can't go wrong 
but you ainít got no features, this can't go on 
You're like a bundle of joy, but you're unemployed 
You ain't throwin, so the pussy is just null and void 
Do you really understand what I'm tellin you 
Looks can be decieving, and bitch I ain't even feelin you 

Chorus: add additional line 

Best believe me, it ain't easy, to be off the heazee 
(repeat 2X) 

Verse Three: Ice Cube, Too $hort 

You can try and figure out the new shit we on 
Before you break yourself, make yourself at home 
Give thanks, when it's Ice Cube, $hort Dawg, and Ant Banks 
We all platinum, now ya got ta add francs 
to the salary, that'll be cash or charge 
So large, got a whole floor actin mirage 
We like big thangs, we like runnin big trains 
of big beautiful bitches with big brains 

Bitches with big brains, I went to Spelman College 
To see if my dick could get some higher knowledge 
But pussy is pussy from Bel-Air to the projects 
Bitch better suck my dick 
Ain't nothin new, the game is old 
You think the bitch is decent, and that's the same old hoe 
Used to fuck the whole crew, we was ballin man 
Westside!!! You know we doin big thangs 

Chorus: same as Verse Two 

Outro: Ice Cube, $hort Dawg 

We off that heazy bitch 
Hey $hort, give em yo part 
Bitch bitch bitch bitch make me rich 
Do all that shit 
She can even lick my dick, but I ain't lickin no clits 
West-sieede. Westside!!!!!!!!!!!!