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Artist: Bicasso
Album:  Rebel Music
Song:   Do It Movin'
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Man, I did it again
I created when I mated with a pad and a pen
I'm getting involved with the solvin'-problems we in
Building a city with community, children and friends
Somebody said that "we can give."  I wish some help from all them
They Make it bubble like before we get in trouble again
They make it hard when you get out that's why you back in the pen
Man it's a system where the plan for every young black man is thick and thin
Part-times hood-rhymes make amends
They makin' us look like we all beasts without a means to pretend
Like what we been through ain't a struggle enough
We do it ruff and tuff, up in the city steady killin' our fuss
We fillin'a organize, just a simple plan in demand
We put it into action and lend ourselves a hand
For the movement improvement at a glance
Soap-boxin' on a block  I'm speakin' thoughts
Think about it my friends...
Doin' it, like gettin' up-n'-at-'em
Whether you on some 9 to 5 job-shit, or simply makin' magic
Like writin' real-live spit that happen
Rappin' whatever we needed to hear, let's make it clear
Like what'chu do, and what'chu doin' it for?
You on the grind for your own climb. well see, that ain't survivin' no more
Cause this here, we got a village with chores, so we could eat
Teach these kids about they legacy, Put shoes on they feet
Walk the path and not get stuck on these streets
We bled for most, so at least, Let's take note of grandma's family trees
The roots run deep, and it try's wide
We can't get brock up by the blocks, they box us and outside
They outline us when we lay to rest
Shouldn't be on some pavement and sidewalk, perpetratin' the stress
I guess they makin' us a project t test
How to remove the planet those who naturally blessed
But I bet, we wouldn't let it, less the answer was yes
And I met some freedom fighters takin' shit off they chest
And the rest, these motherfuckers need to listen and learn
Get with the vision, 'cause the world still turns