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Artist: Bicasso
Album:  Rebel Music
Song:   Rebel Music
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This is for my people cause the cause ain't just because
Let's get up
I see you posted up on the block, thinkin' thats all that you got
Well wake up
And to the folks that's locked down, hold your head up now
Let's get up
I gotta keep it movin' for this life force, cause it might work
Man wake up
To all my people on the think right ready to think like the same
How we movin' on 'em quick, yet get caught up in the game
It's a certain side of me that just wants us to sing
These songs of redemption but the trouble brings pain
it's got us bangin' on our own tribe, simple and plain
I got an angle on the whole vibe gotta maintain
And its survival of the fittest, fruit sure taste strange
Its bitter-sweet victories, in this strugglin' thang
With action comes the other side: something to gain
But it takes collection of the masses, right? igniting the flame
To recognize where we headed, and go get us some change
Go out and get it when you spit it for those livin' in chains
Its rebel music y'all
This for those that's rapin' only for the cash, you forgettin' the task
Man, wake up
To the people stayin' strong, now it won't be long
Let's get up
You got these lyin' politicians, sayin something smellin' fishy
Wake up
For the rowdys in the streets, no justice no peace
Let's get up
I'll tell you something that's real though:
Peoples wonderin' "were do we go?"
There's wars in the east that they draftin' the kids for
Recruiters on the school grounds, and up in the malls
That's why they shuttin' the schools down, closing the halls
But see they building more jails now with work on mind
Slave labours what you get for good behavior, and you're shittin' I
Only on the outside statin' the facts
Try'na spread more love while we under attack
Its red, brown and black, white, yellow for green
You might get caught up in the rat race or stuck in between
Be like "what do you mean?" Until you see the fiends
Straight sellin out they culture, smoking they pipe dreams
Supp'ed up in the face, they fucked up, a disgrace
And got my people chewin gold ones, choosin' to go dumb
I'm far from retarded, won't be target like that
How they marketin'rap and makin' niggas toe tap now
It's rebel music y'all
To all the single mothers workin you a queen keep doin' your thing
Let's get up
And for elders with respect keep us in check till we fullfillin' our dream
Let's wake up
To all my folks in New Orleans, realize we be be buildin' some things
Let's get up
And if you think they really wanna see us come together, they would beat us forever
Man, wake up