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Artist: Big Deal f/ Killah Priest, Unique Divine
Album:  ...On That Bullshit
Song:   N God We Trust
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Priest
For all prisoners breaking out of the mental prison
We gon' make it a Big Deal
First one's Unique Divine, Killah Priest
Big Deal on the wills of steel
Holding it, popping that steel
N God We Trust, y'all afraid of us

[Unique Divine]
My pen leaks whenever my thoughts speak
I operate and I create and none of them mentioned
To sweat heat, my mind's stable and organized, swerve two times
'Fore I reach on different plateaus in a form of a nine
I got a street mentality; your people can't handle me
Poetically, my shit is deep like the Galaxy
I drop like Uranium, mass hysteria
Burn down your brain's nerves, fiends will check for plush
I energize lyrical shocks to overwhelm a Power Plant
More than a million volts on mics that've I inclined
My conscious is too evolved like Einstein
So my theories will damage your mind
My soul travels whenever I sleep to find knowledge
And brings back visions I mentioned, I got all accomplished
Faith, at least we threw the dust
See life is a dirty bitch, but still N God We Trust

(Hook) Big Deal
N God We Trust
N God We Trust
N God We Trust
N God We Trust

[Big Deal]
Let's bring the real to a stand still
Cats who gassed to keep a damn mill
In these killer fields, everyday a drug deal
Junkies rob and steal
Criminals that's over the hill
Kill a nigga for a dollar bill
Fuck your girl off an X-pill
'Cause that's how I feel
Let's take a trip to my projects
Welfare checks to get hood love, you just bust your Tek
Go to jail then you gain your respect
Talk shit, then a mothafucka will come up and cut your neck
Everyday I see niggas wild out on dust
Stand on the corner selling shit for calls they've lust
Don't talk too much, just guns they bust
And it won't stop until they fucking rust
Reach for the sky and tell who is us?
Mothafucka, N God We Trust

[Killah Priest]
Body, a/k/a Priesthood
Yeah, uh-huh, N God We Trust
Killah Priest and Body
Uh-huh, ok, check it out

Yo, I start spazzing and stick my claws in back of a Dragon
The sky is black and I imagine that I'm clapping at Phantoms
The ghetto's haunting; see the Beast and Devil's on corners
I wake up in torture, screaming in horror
See the FEMA, the Demon's are on us
I plea with the lawyers, judges and the Beast
Three in the morning, I'm hugging the streets
The streets embrace me back with arms full of cracks
Bullets for gats and hooded rats
Niggas are dodging and ducking, robbing and busting
It's disgusting; I'm in the mirror having discussions
Niggas on the pavement having concussions
It's all corruptions, the Devil's seduction
The ghetto is sucked in, its stomach with no win
We're all punished and accused by the public
It's like N God We Trust it, niggas squeeze and bust quick
It's all about the trees and the guts
Cops make us freeze 'til the shot free us up
N God We Trust, N God We Trust, N God We Trust

(Hook) Big Deal
N God We Trust
N God We Trust