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Artist: Big Kap + Funkmaster Flex f/ Cash Money Millionaires
Album:  The Tunnel
Song:   Respect
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big kap
cash money


even if i don't get no taller
i'm a always be a c.m.b baller
wanted for manslaughter
they call me quick drawer
weezie 2 pistols 
i bought me a revolver
a "k" and 2 missles look
i'm ready for war
but do you fell the same?!?!?!
look come swim in my water
tangle wit lil wayne 
brah you must be retarda
don't know bout my niggaz?!?!?!
i'm a 17 off ya
runnin with gurillas
life's group is my big brotha
thugged out and ready
but just a lil shorta
but gangsta like joe pesci get ready to cock it and let it
cut a nigga like mashedee's
turn em to confetti (all gone)
they want it raw dogg so give em all hair
dressed up in camoflauge
me juve in a v12
just duck tape the nigga
throw his body in the lake
i ain't like him anyway cause the nigga too fake

chorus 2x

i take respect nigga (ya playin the wrong one)
i'll break ya neck nigga (ya playin wit da wrong gun)
i use k's to wet niggaz (i'm spraying da whole room)
better watch you back nigga (lil one that's a wrap)


my worries was to get paid and double my earn
go at it don't be affraid
and keep on burning
don't let it go to my head and take care of my children
stay outta all of that bullshit
and change my appearence
i fears no muthafucka i'm a man ya know
ya want beef but i choose it with the calicoes
and it's gon always be
you get a tresspassing charge when you fuckin with me
and it won't be the police when it's bringing you down
it will be a whole bunch of niggaz that's banging them rounds
tearing it down
how that 3rd ward uptown
fuckin around, got a nigga stuck, what now?!?!?!
we could do this shit, pursue this shit ya know
we knew this shit, went through this shit befoe
blood thicker than water and that's all the time
you takes 
nothing from me cause i'm a war for mine

chorus 2x


i play the game realer than the average killer
on the streets
ain't no way i could have a bitch nigga thinking i'm weak
i tote heat
so be prepared to release ya herd me (ya herd me)
play myself, she slipped and the busta served me (uh-uh)
i rips it up, hit ya block, lift the bitch up
tell me what else could i do besides down or get drowned
that's why when i'm off in drama i goes out
come in ya house
click clack in ya baby mama's mouth
that's what it's about if ya doubt that
in the projects with ya head chopped where ya found at
i'm a nigga that be squeezing the trigga at random
nabbin niggaz we call hoe busta's for ransom
they don't call they people up tell em i blast em
that's how it go in the game
fuckin right i blast them
i'm a fool with that black 9 eh
and i got a click that's full of soldiers 
coming in that water behind me, NO RESPECT FOR YA BITCH

chorus 5x