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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, K. Dot
Album:  Delightful Bars
Song:   Nothing Less
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
So everybody put your shades on
Poobie came to show +Love+ like +Faizon+
Every bar that I carve is amaz-on
Wack niggas can't seem to feel our play on
A lil' spice in my swag, call it Cajun
Often wonder to myself where the day's gone
Save some, save none at the same time
Talk shit, take a stand in the same rhyme
Paid homage to the struggle that's before mine
Never bad-handing nothing, therefore I grind
Outshine most niggas, call 'em all suns/sons
Steady reaching for the stars, but it's only one
Rapper, your favourite rapper, this is no +Pun+
+Big Daddy+, no +Kane+, get the job done
I'm bout to stick the whole game up with no gun
and I'ma show you how the South was won
So check it out

[Chorus: K. Dot]
This is the part where we run Hip Hop
and we don't need props, we know we the shit
This is the part where we run Hip Hop
So get them ends hot
I'm yelling all my real niggas, "keep moving"
My real bitches, "keep moving"
I promise I'ma "keep moving"
If they don't, "we do it"
The best (Hip Hop)
I swear to give you nothing less, nothing less

Uh, yeah, hot damn, here we go again
Lyrical manslaughter off you and your mans
I'm on the stage, you in the stands
I'm on the road, you at the crib just scribbling
Your best sentence was doing your bid
I'm through with you kids, like Brenda
I don't want to have to trash bin ya
When Ab enter, cats get they raps injured
Without no reason they be out the whole season
It sorta becomes a cycle like hoes bleeding
I'm at where you can't come like no semen
No homo, just admire the power
I'm so visual, give you an +Eiffel+ like +tower+
Huh, but you can never see me
Black tear compliment my black lips in the Lamborghini
Puffing a spliff big as a branch
After I spit it niggas be swimming to get to land, damn


[Jay Rock]
Jay Rock got flows
I'm killing 'em slow like cigarette smoke
Running Hip Hop like 'Pac in his prime
I spit murder, every bar is a crime
Look, I do it BIG like B.I.
Nigga I'm the shit, I've doing this since knee high
No I'm not TIP but I stay on my T.I.
These fake ass rappers steady acting like devise
I'ma live and die in Cali
What's beef? Chew through that like rallies
Got hoes, work 'em out like ballies
Do shows, flip dough like patties
I ain't just rapping, I can make it happen
Put your whole goddamn career in a casket
Lyrical homicide when I write
No bullshit, I'm Mike with the mic


[K. Dot]
Never pledge allegiance, God given flow
I can out-preach a deacon once the words get to speaking
Give me a reason why I'm not the best breathing
They worship the ground I walk on, though I'm harder than cement
Sticking to the streets like convertible oil leaks
Portable handgun, who want to test?
I can pass out many Scantrons, fail many students
Tryna play the truest, dumber than Three Stooges
Hummers, we steady cruising like time do
Higher than a vanilla sky, float by you
When I'm through, I'll probably let you take it back
like my old prom suit that I wore with the tag
Rap giant, get you little locality smashed
Money in a bag, stones be yellow as a cat
I like bitches with fat booties but never half-ass
when I'm working for certain, I'm hurting the game

I said I'm hurting her
Pooh! I couldn't help it nigga
I had to put a verse this muh'fucker
This shit classic nigga
Feel this, uh, for Hip Hop, for Hip Hop
For real Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop