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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Delightful Bars
Song:   Radio
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Bitch please, I don't play that shit
I ain't begging nobody, please play my hit
I ain't buying no meals for a few petty spins
Play my jam, not a soul's tuned in
Doing these drops, we ain't even shared words
Punk DJs tryna play me for the herb
Doing interviews, they don't even know your name
Kicking yourself questioning why you came
It's not like a spin a week is bound to bring you fame
Mix shows is programmed, now it's not a game
This ain't going out to every DJ in the world
I know a few who hold me down, keep it thoro
But to them niggas tripping on that power shit
You can taste the tip of a sick nigga's dick
Play my shit, stop tryna get paid
Radio DJs acting like slaves

DJ, I need to hear me on the radio
I'm tryna turn me up loud on the radio
I need to make my mama proud on the radio
I'm tryna turn it up loud like "Here we go!"

[Rapper Big Pooh]
These folks got the game fucked up
All cause some little wack niggas lucked up
Putting bullshit out that you people sucked up
That's all you ever hear yo, the radio sucks
Nah fuck that, the radio's corrupt
People sell souls, get a little airtime
I tried to play fair but I wouldn't sell mine
So, they pushed me to the back of the line
Them niggas ain't know, I don't need y'all to climb
Poobie still shine and in this dog eat dog
Crab in the barrel, niggas living in the fog
Blinded by smog, getting caught up in the hype
Your single got burned but you never took flight
Five years later we forgot your name
Goodbye, God bless, but we glad you came
I swear to y'all it's a shaaame...