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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Big Treal
Album:  Delightful Bars
Song:   Something Like Stars
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[Big Treal]
Yo, y'all know who the fuck it is man
This your boy Uncle Joc representing the 9-1-9
Niggas be hitting me on the cell
tryna get Big Pooh on tracks and shit
Bitches see us pull up in the club with big cars
Want us to buy drinks and shit, fuck that shit man
Do your own thing cuz, bitch, holler!

[Chorus 2X: Big Treal]
Everywhere we go people ask who we are
Pull up to the spot in them big fancy cars
People say them boys looking something like stars
If you couldn't tell, now you know who we are

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Tattered up, seem broads want to chat it up
Pat her butt, tell her strut, go on, do your thing
Cause I rap, want to ask me if I know Lou Kane
What you know about that? That's a favouring
Lil' kids say we rap, then we got to bang
That's fucked up, kids now believe everything
I don't work so my neighbors probably think I slang
White folk only know you if you got some fame
or they kid's kid's kid's can recite your name
I'm one to whisper cause I'm Craig T on the plane
They think I'm struggling cause they never see me with a chain
That's choice fam, I shouldn't have to explain
I'm the type to take a car when niggas take trains
I'm the type to take a boat when niggas take planes
When you see me next time just expect change
I'm going back to the range, get your head right

[Chorus 2X]

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I hear you talk right, but most of y'all, you don't walk like
I guess you talk like a dog barks 'stead of bite
Weak niggas want to shoot but they ain't tryna fight
All dirt get exposed in the right light
Nowadays I'm hearing people say they write like
can do better than this underrated veteran
I'm thinking niggas just mad I'm ahead of them
This a marathon homie and I'm settled in
You big time or you paper-thin
As long as paper getting fat and I can pass to my next of kin
I be okay how my story end
Getting told by historians, they say that Poobie ill
Haters underestimated the skill
People can't get enough, heard they haven't been filled
And I feel the truth just been sealed
Only time will reveal what the real niggas feel, uh

[Chorus 4X]