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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Delightful Bars
Song:   Step Up
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[Chorus: DJ scratches]
"Step up"

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Uh, uh, I think it's that time
for some real talk, uh

Nobody told you to lay in that bed
Nobody said for you to open them legs
You know what happen when sperm meet egg
A teenage mother is what you're pegged
That's another mouth need to be fed
The father gone, you alone and scared
There's another way out, don't say it
Many times in your thoughts you played it
So now your child here, don't hate it
cause at the end of the day you made it
Rejoice in the blessing, be elated
It's too late once your period's belated
I ain't here tryna talk down
Just offer some advice on how to walk now
First it ain't about you, you living for your kids
The goal for them to have everything you never did
Show a lot of love, lot of kisses, lot of hugs
Positive role models, later for them thugs
You all about pussy and moving a few drugs
You don't think I'm talking to you? I never was


[Rapper Big Pooh]
What up? It's good to see you're doing right
and that you finally made a turn in your life
You got dreams, I suggest you try and live 'em
cause second chances, only God give 'em
Family members looking down on you smiling
I got your back, don't think you on an island
Here's the chance to be the man that we all knew
could one day shine through once your mind grew
Time flew, two years, one kid
Two nephews and they all getting big
You see? Life's better than the bid
We only get one and sometimes we skid
Straighten that will, got people in the backseat
Little dependence, depending on you, back sleep
You are the leader of this herd, they are your sheep
Sometimes we can't see it but life's sweet
Life's good, life's great
Got a bigger appetite? Get a bigger plate
When you the man of the house get a big estate
You been dreaming of the day? Well it's your day


[Rapper Big Pooh]
The time comes when we all gotta grow
When your time here, trust me, you'll know
I advise you to just take it slow
Enjoy being a kid, go with the flow
Cause pretty soon you gon' pay your own bills
and pretty soon you gon' know how it feels
to feel like the whole world's on your back
Devil's over your shoulder waiting for a reac-
tion, and that ain't just for pretend my dear
I gotta tell you what you need to hear
And this is part of that good speech
every man has with his siblings or his peeps
Okay, I made a few mistakes
and still tryna learn as a man what it takes
I really wanna help you out
Help you understand what growing up's about
Ease some of the pressure if you learn from me
All you have to do is wake up and see
that everyone ain't here to make it tough
We just want you doing better than us so step it up