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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Mushinah
Album:  Delightful Bars
Song:   The Life
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Uh, y'know, I'm looking back right
I'm looking over my life and shit
I used to do some crazy shit man
I used to do some wild shit yo
I used to think crazy and shit y'know?
Hah, yeah

Aiyyo, I've been even-kilt{?} all of my life
From a very young age learnt wrong from right
Never weighed in my decision when I took that bike
Chain popped, got caught, couldn't make that flight
I done shaved too many steps, got tripped by sight
Spent one too many minutes with the cops that night
I preferred a cold cell to the hell my mama raised
I did it for the thrill cause not every crime pays
Ten years old, I was going through a phase
My uncle said chill 'fore you wind up in the cage
I smirked, cause a little finger printing ain't hurt
A few weeks passed, I was back in them streets
A devious child, I appeared so sweet
A straight-A student every parent wanna meet
But looking back now, all I do is smile
Little boy became a man, see I landed on my feet
My life

[Chorus: Mushinah]
Life is moving by so fast
and we can never guess what's next
And I understand it at last
At laaaaaaast

[Rapper Big Pooh]
By the age of fourteen I straightened a little bit
It's high school time and I'm off the new shit
We moved out of town and I found me a new clique
A few chill niggas I can be cool wit
Went to school with the intentions of being on the end
Found myself out smoking weed, drinking gin
Wild Irish Rose, Mad Dog 20/20
Scheming up ways I can come into some money
The age of sixteen started playing with the words
Round the same time Ronnie playing with the birds
He offered me a job, I ain't really had a nerve
Selling narcotics from me wanting the curve
Dove into music, gambled away money
Through my man Mike, met this new little honey
Funny, all I can do now is smile
Tryna become a man but I'm still largest child
My life

[Chorus: Mushinah]

[Rapper Big Pooh]
So now I'm eighteen, me and my mom beefing
Talking bout arguing over shit for no reason
Part-time job with a part-time scam
Sliding through school but passing I am
No life plans, I just wanna be grown
Out my mama house, living life on my own
Coming to the crib when she leaving out for work
Sleeping through the day, waking up getting burnt
I know I knew better but I still told lies
Mama still loved her little boy, no ties
"Son you need to straighten up before your demise"
Saw the truth in them words when I stared in her eyes
That was no surprise when she looking at her child
Fully-grown man, no more out acting wild
All I do is smile looking back at my past
A young'n no more, it's my life at last
My life

[Chorus: Mushinah]

[Mushinah: X2]
It's my liiiife, my liiiife
My liiiife, my liiiiiiiife