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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Rapper's Delight
Song:   Crazy
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
I wanna welcome y'all to the Rapper Big Pooh experience
The experience is everything
You in a privileged position to learn a thing or two
So get your pens out, get your tape recorders ready
Get your mental thing going
Me and Khrysis bout to take you on a journey

It's Rapper baby, take you home maybe
Like to play the bottom so girls call me lazy
Uh, kinda crazy, nah rather cute
Wear the T3 button or a Ralph Lauren suit
The ball's in my hands, no pass, rather shoot
Baby of the group but I'm no junior
She said see you later but I wanna come sooner
On that LL, I be Doin It, doin her
Huh, I'm so outa the box
I'm so left field like I play for the Sox
I'm a homerun hitter, show time spitter
Damn he's so mammish, no I'm so mammy
Quite uncanny, hoes can't stand me
When the time coming let's fly to Miami
Tamika, Tammy, Lisa, Randy
Topless tanning on the beach I can be

[Chorus] {X2}
Yeah, you wanna know what it is?
You say I'm crazy, well I'm crazy baby handling biz
Yeah, you wanna see how I do?
Well I'm crazy when I do it baby, how bout you?

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I talk with a slang and I walk with a swagger
He got an aura like shit don't matter
Throw a lil' chatter, watch your heart start to patter
Pity, why these girls be acting so silly?
Fine young philly, hometown's Philly
Really? I really got a taste for Ishkabibble's
Scribbled-down numbers, twenty on the button
Told her holler back if she ever needed something
Wanting something, that something is him
She want a major man, he tryna be her friend
Well look baby girl, this where the conversation ends
Don't be mislead cause he flashed a few grands
Showed a lil' dimple, showed a lil' charm
I got one occupying my arm and that's work
I'm on the horn tryna make this thing work
If you hear me let me hear you say chuuch... chuuch

[Chorus] {X2}

[Rapper Big Pooh]
So I ain't the cutest, you already knew this
Pooh is chasing them down to say I hate you
No I won't date you, your life shouldn't end
Go do like I and take it out on the pen
Jotting down emotions, pencil in your diary
I read, I inspire to make millions
Buy a couple buildings, flip them bricks
You want the story of my life? Well you hearing the script
Non-descript, nigga with a forty-six hip
Took a trip down South, never came back
VA alum' do his thang on the track
Hoes begging me to come back
They ain't want a nigga cause they thought a nigga was fat
Now I'm fat cause they see me on the box and they think I'm all that
Hoes is wack, wonder why I don't go back
Cause of silly ass shit like that, now keep down

[Chorus] {X2}

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yeah, I said how bout you?
When I'm doing what I'm doing baby, how bout you?
Yeah, uh, I said how bout you?
When I'm doing what I'm doing baby, how bout you?