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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Quan
Album:  Rapper's Delight
Song:   Geez Like Deez
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[Quan] (Rapper Big Pooh)
You ain't never seen fly geez like deez
Hahaha (Illmind on production of course)
Hey baby, you ain't never seen fly geez like deez
Flesh so clean, what a lean so mean
(Rapper, Quan) What up? (VA what up?)

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yo, now as the sun rotates and my name gets bigger
How many hoes wanna fuck this nigga?
Named Rapper Pooh, shorty what it do?
Thinking to myself if my girl only knew
Mix a lot of brown with a little bit of blue
Pull up in the front, two feet up out the queue
Quan behind the wheel, young'n this is how we do
We get a game back when we grew
Tryna get a nut from a screw, tryna make five outa two
Look, I'm kinda forward thinking
Nigga sleep only when he blinking
Live by the code of the streets so my ship's never sinking
Say I'm the shit, that don't mean that I'm stinking
Poobie handle bars like a link in smooth
People nowadays try and act too cool
Me and my niggas break food, believe that

[Chorus: Quan] {X2}
Hey baby, you ain't never seen fly geez like deez
Ball with the best, so fresh, so clean
Niggas on the scene, what a lean so mean
Believe me

Streetlight starts the night and it sparks the night
Fedoras and silk suits is how we balling tonight
There's ill dogs in DeVilles, swill on them twinkies
Ragtops on them drops, diamond rings on them pinkies
Seat laid to the back, smoked out in the 'Llac
Fedora built tilt deuce with a feather in that
Navy blue Cadillac with that platinum glitter
So she's shining like a diamond whenever the sun hit her
By the way on the highway we floating our ass
Wax on the clear coat, make her look like glass
Once again cutting clocks and it a game for players
Silk sash around the collar pimping, matching my gators
All my dogs iced out, shining bright as the sun
Pancaking pulling whips up one by one
Straight V.I.P. status wherever we chill
Buying rounds for the room, I'm a boss for real

[Chorus] {X2}