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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Roscoe Umali, Styliztic Jones
Album:  Rapper's Delight
Song:   Nobody Like Me
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
It's Rapper, I thought I told y'all man
I thought I told y'all ain't nobody like me
Y'all don't listen
So I suggest you pay attention
Get a little closer to the speaker

Yep, that's what they saying when I step in the place
Should've seen the blank look on their face
I tell 'em pick up the pace
Double time when you run my race
Hip Hop buffet, come get you a taste
Cement my place, let you get chased
You Touch and Teasing tracks just like Case
I swallow beats whole after I say grace
Make rappers run back to the lord just like Ma$e
Inmates in a hole, number one on the pole
I'm just heating up but I'm Chi-Town cold
I'm California soul, god break the mould
Told y'all in the beginning that I will not fold
I will not move, never, however
Bit of good news, me and 9th got together
I suggest you pay attention to the future
Dirty Pretty Things ain't my only maneuver no

[Hook: Rapper Big Pooh]
I told y'all dudes before
That I'm the shit and I ain't never gon' stop (I ain't never gon' stop)
I told y'all dudes before
Now step aside as I rise to the top (as I rise to the top)
I told y'all dudes before
Can't nobody do it like me (nobody do it like me)
I told y'all niggas before
So put your hands where my eyes can see ( where my eyes can see)

[Roscoe Umali]
From the moment of birth I've been combing the earth
I realised that I'm a soldier that's alone in my search
A wordsmith, I'm never at a shortage for words
I burn spliffs but I've never had a shortage of herb
You see, I'm from Southern Cali where the green in abundant
And an ounce of the kush put me back three-hundred
I came in the game, they ain't even seen me coming
Till I started freestyling, I had the streets buzzing
My first single was a certified street club hit
I went from having three cousins to three-dozen
And my groupie game stepped up, the broads keep coming
Even mean mugging OGs in the streets love it
They see something in me, a young Bonifacio
Brush hit the canvas, I'm a young Picasso
With the flow so dope, it can numb your nostrils
Ohh yeah y'all, here come Roscoe, Umali!


[Styliztic Jones]
Okay, yeah, I used to think it was a miracle for this to be hearable
But listen to your stereo while you eating your cereal
Bumping 'Pac hits like they was old Negro spirituals
People telling me inevitably I'll be imperial
But pivotal instances can only make you critical
When writing from my heart homies saying that it's lyrical
Hustle from my living room, knowing that my liver doomed
I ain't gon' be living soon, take a trip to Liverpool
This'll be an interview, small chronic interlude
Dip in the Pacific and I'm floating like an inner tube
Work into my dinner doo and I'm a vegetarian
Somebody test for spinach, underneath the ground I bury 'em
Homies falling off, I guess I got to carry 'em
Women fall in love but you know I never marry 'em
I'm music to the heart, Jimi Hendrix color reefer
And Jam Master Jay face is all on my sneakers