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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Ab-Soul
Album:  Rapper's Delight
Song:   Regular Nigga
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Just a regular nigga doing regular shit
Just a regular nigga doing regular shit
Uh, yeah, give y'all niggas a reality check

Look, only thing I ever seen with a purple label
was a grape swisha, fill it with the purple kush
Pro fives all day, what you know bout that?
I know all my L.A. niggas know bout that
I had the '87 with no system
Portable CD player adapter and it sound ok
Yeah it's a bucket but I still make it around ok
I wasn't a hustler making my rounds all day though
Aiyyo, I keep it cool like a fridge in an igloo
Not too flashy, and I ain't too hashy to class he
But that's me, y'all niggas having menages
I was happy to score in the backseat
I had to get a job, y'all was pushing them packs
Y'all was on Melrose, I was on any block
Y'all was shooting, we was going twenty-one no headshots
Enjoying it, new rap niggas is spoiling it

[Chorus: Ab-Soul]
Just a regular nigga doing regular shit
Drive a regular car, got my regular bitch
Still dressing the part in my regular fit
Like being regular, it's some irregular shit, uh
You niggas is living the dream, huh
You niggas is getting the cream, huh
Hat to the back, a passionate black
Which one of y'all don't know bout that? On my regular shit

[Rapper Big Pooh]
White shirt, black chucks
Some new tattoos, am I cool or what?
A few karats in the ear
and I make music that you need to hear
Cups up, let's toast to the year
Young old nigga, I ain't just appear
To the public, my picture's unclear
Around my neck, I don't sport chandeliers
And I don't travel in the Lear
Business or coach class, West coast I'm here
It's no business pulling up
No bitches in the back of the back tryna fuck
I just stack up my chips
Young black man travelling on the road to get rich
Then get wealthy, y'all don't smell me
Regular nigga now, ain't shit you can tell me

[Chorus: Ab-Soul]

Draping the culture in glamour and glitz
You can't miss 'em like Pamela tits
Get 'em around a few cameras, they character switch
The wind change, you buy it like it's on sale or some shit
Keep it real wherever I go
You never know when to expect spectators so keep it true
I give it to you on a regular basis
Just to make being regular a hell of a statement

[Chorus: Ab-Soul]