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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Bishop Lamont, Illa J
Album:  Rapper's Delight
Song:   Respect It
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[Illa J]
It's Illa J, you better respect it
Nothing but excellence, you better expect it
About to be the top cheddar collector
I come hard, ladies love it better erected
Bout to star in my own movie, call it 'Balls of Steel'
And I'ma get Quentin to direct it
Tarantino if you don't know the lingo
I got King Dilla since Common got the new Primo
I see you having nightmares but it ain't a dream no
I'm the prince and the ladies love cream yo
You don't know what time it is like a Casino
I'm tryna break Beatles' records like Cee-Lo
The renaissance man, know not to veto
I love numbers, call me Mister Tino
Illa J stack them chips like Fritos
And you old emcees, go and play some bingo

We about to take over, you better respect it
Game time, break over, you better expect it
We eating dinner when you just getting your breakfast
Do it with ease, we can make a hit in a second
Hardcore Hip Hop, you better respect it
Hardcore Hip Hop, you better respect it, uh
What? What? What? What?
What? What? What?

[Rapper Big Pooh]
My mind is the tool, hard as the jewel
This rap shit is in me, call me the mule
Call me a fool, I die for what I believe in
Firmly planned and in this game I'm not leavin
Tis the season, to stop all you wack niggas
and your breathin, you not eatin
I'm not in peak and barely raising the decibels
It's my party, welcome all to the festival
I turn your piece of career into a vegetable
Celery, carrots? Nah, squashing duke
I got the washer too
Been sick for so long caught walking flu
I thought you fuckers knew, it's the Rapper Pooh
You better find out who I am nigga, get a clue
I got a problem with your team, they can get it too
You wanna check a nigga record? I got a few
I thought you niggas knew


[Bishop Lamont]
These skills are sharp, fangs sharp, jaw frames crush y'all lames
So who am I to vision a collision in the fast lane?
Total your vocal, leave you immobile while the octane
Hit the stage with nine just like Wu-Tang
Protect Ya Neck, twist your spine, open house your brain
Nickname T-Pain, bullets sang
Tippin skit, flippin hit, dip and rip your whole game
Coroner bag and zip, eulogy your name
Usually I maintain but rappers talking insane
Science class, two school niggas re-enact that big bang
Blast, bloodbath, bathe in the lead rain
I ain't playing games, spray the heat like we
Coldplay, rush your blood to the head, thoroughbred emcee
North Cackalac, Cali and the D
Illa J, Poobie, Lamont, who fuckin with we?