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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Rapper's Delight
Song:   With You
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
I want it too baby..
I got a lotta wan' do right now
I want it all too baby..
I wanna let 'em know..

Yea, it's plain to see, they can't change me
I'ma be the same nigga 'til the day I rest
Say I'm best, just a boast, I digress
Get my Willie Beamen on, stick out my chest
Relieve stress, 'cause nowadays I see plenty
My head on a swivel 'cause I know it's many
guys who wanna try, send me bye-bye
'cause me - speak truth, and them - they talk lies
So walk on by when I'm in that zone
If the hat get low, then you know it's on
I ain't gotta grip chrome just to show you I'm strong
A lotta niggas go wrong, tryin to live like songs
I write my songs with, ink and wood
I'm low on couple dollars, but it's still ain't good
HOJ rock hard like L.E.G. and Boog
You don't think we have a problem - but you should, I would

[Chorus] (samples from The Main Ingredient's "With You")
("Oooh, I, I, and I swear it, and I want to")
I write it all for the world to listen
Me and 9th givin back what this world been missin - what this world been missin
("Oooh, I, I, and I swear it, and I want to")
I want you to lean in listen close
When I'm doin what I'm doin, I be doin the MOST

I'm in the land of the hills, tryin to get that gwap
I chose another line not to hit that block
Makin, money legit, puttin some in stock
And now I got a boovie hoes, they do flock
I'm watchin 9th chop and I'm shoppin hits
Big Dho cut checks, Poobie stick to the script
It's not another out like me, you probably
thought you found one, but NOPE, that's highly unlikely
I write free of the box and chains
that keep, niggas botched tryna cop that Range
or some high-priced thangs like a Bahco Bent
Before them niggas know, all they money is spent
Then they right back at it, they get caught in this vicious cycle
where the Joneses is a habit
They gotta have it, I know it's fucked up to say
but niggas became addicts  
Niggas became addicts...