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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh 
Album:  Dirty Pretty Things
Song:   Ballad of the Son
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Uh, yeah

School ain't free, gas goin up
Times are gettin hard, coffins fillin up
Summer's mad hot, winter's too cold
Son got daddy's gun, kids are too bold
Taxes on the rise, really no surprise
People losin hope, you can see it in their eyes
Momma laid off so son servin pies
Met a nice girl, livin in between her thighs
Nine months later, welcome to the world
Son got a son by that same nice girl
No Maury needed, the money was essential
Girl unemployed and momma's residential
Son full-time, notice his potential
He gotta make money right now, simple
Later down the line, later off in time
The streets got a ladder, son begin to climb
Thinkin 'bout his son, dedicated to the grind
Thinkin 'bout the now, not thinkin 'bout the crime
Thinkin 'bout his sale, not thinkin 'bout his line
The DEA tap now he lookin at time
His boys flipped on him, nice girl turned state
Thinkin 'bout her son, who cares, she had to take
Fathers be a father to your child, don't wait
I'm offering a gem, it's up to you to take