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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Dirty Pretty Things
Song:   Interdependent
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
The world's on my shoulder, weight gettin light
As a nigga gettin older, likes I had fewer
My words on the skewer, people tryna live 
real life behind computer, a bunch of manure
The track's like the doer, the biz might take it
Climb to this point and you said I wouldn't make it
Spirit couldn't break it, aim for the spine
I played it so +Cool+ like the member of The Time
I +Pledge to the Grind+, shout to my man
Killa Kill for the line, homie in due time
Self-evaluation, lookin in the mirror
at my own situation, Pooh practice patience
No motivation needed, I got plenty
A house was a home and that muh'fucker empty
Labels couldn't pimp me, fam couldn't simp me
Simply, even manpower couldn't tempt me
Robins wouldn't push me, life ain't that cushy
Heard they searchin for some real shit, I'm here!
Niggaz obsessed with the here right now
My head take a bow, thank you God for the year 
This is my struggle, this is my pain
Even when it's over, I forever have a stain
Emotionally drained, married to the game
This is Chapter 2, welcome all to the change

If you could ask me like, five-six years ago
Would I be at this point where I'm at right now?
I'da been like, "I don't know"

[Rapper Big Pooh]
This is more high quality, right brain thinkin
Check my astrology, when you hear me
It's LB 'til the day I fade, played the back
But still history I made, get hit pimpin
Down the block, round the corner from the easy livin
Neighborhood still the same but I'm more driven
Sendin beats to the grave, rap's mortician
Go hard or go home, I ain't got a pension
Who the fuck shootin for just a mere mention?
In for the fight of life, time to knuckle up
I'm Tracy Chapman's +Fast Car+, better buckle up
Confidence overflow, pass another cup

I mean, I don't know where I'ma be five-six years down the road
I-I mean, I don't know! Y'know, all I know is that
I'ma keep, keep consistently puttin out dope shit
and I'ma keep comin, new and improved
You know what I'm sayin? All I wanna know is
Is you gon' ride with me? Is you gon' take this journey?