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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Blakk Soul
Album:  Everything 4 Sale
Song:   Buyer's Remorse
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[Intro: DJ Flash cuts and scratches]
"Who I'm talkin 'bout, y'all, is hip-hop" <- Common

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I never felt more alone, 'til I penned a verse
I had to spit it on stage, you can bring the hearse
Zip the body bag, place the toe tag
I'm trying to get it all by myself, that's how I felt
With, two standing by my side, backstage
First time that they seen me cry, I'm in pieces
Please remember me, where's the energy?
Me and the crowd staring looking for the synergy
This is what dreams are made of, I remind myself
Deep breath, now I'm back in my momma basement
Record playin, repetitions in the mirror
These are my words, images have never been clearer
They in 4K, up until this point it's been foreplay
I give a fuck what the major' say
These are major moves, with every move I tend to lose
I'm reminded why my momma had to choose, I did it all for hip-hop

     "Who I'm talkin 'bout, y'all, is hip-hop" <- Common

[Rapper Big Pooh]
If I knew then, what I know now
I would've fixed cars or somethin, been a mechanic
Cause when the pressure get real, these niggaz panic
Scramble drill, Jim Kelly in the clutch, I
never seen men beg for much 'til
I started to garner a little fame
Just in my hood, what if I went wood
and friendship is the only thing I could provide?
Women had their true intentions, wanna fuck me, no bag
Cause they lookin for a bag and a few mentions
Fmaily coming out the woodwork (work)
Everyday a reunion, and I ain't e'en sign my first deal
Already have survivor's remorse, this shit is real
And now I drink a fifth everyday and pop pills
If these walls could talk, they'll tell you that fame kills
People crazy, want everybody to know 'em, I did it all for hip-hop

     "Who I'm talkin 'bout, y'all, is hip-hop" <- Common

[Blakk Soul]
(Whoa, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhh)
Does it go a day where it gets easier
for me in this lifetime?
Drowning in this bottle, whoa
(Drowning in this bottle)
Inhaling smoke into my veins, yeah
(Inhaling smoke)

    "Hip-hop" <- Common