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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Finian St. Omer II
Album:  Everything 4 Sale
Song:   Potpourri (Dead Flowers)
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Momma pray over food
I pray over money, nothin funny when you dead broke
I'm dead set, it's time to collect
Niggaz work weeks to get a check that's spent before deposit's cleared
Let one go off in the atmosphere
What you fear, my nigga, already here
Black face, walk around, whitey ready to cheer
I'm ready to steer in another direction, you show aggression
Twelve already here, they light 'em UP~!
Be in the cut if you intend on gettin cut from the other side
Others pride themselves with fillin up shells, we fillin up hell
Was spelled doom, light up an L and oh well...
That's the attitude they takin
Fuck fakin, better show me the gwap
Pump fakin you, still can get block, you get knock
Listen don't do no talkin, no everybody wants to be a singer walkin

Aiyyo, it's time to bring the ruckus
Hammer dance, they +Can't Touch Us+
We scream fuck tha police, ain't no love in these streets
Niggaz'll even sell crack to their mothers
Smellin dead flowers ("From the womb to the tomb")
("From the womb to the tomb")
I tell 'em smell the dead flowers
("Guns salute life, rapidly, that's the ritual" <- Nas)

[Rapper Big Pooh]
A couple hundred in your mailbox
The rent's due, my brother sell rocks
Shawn B showed me my first glock, stairway to heaven
(GRRR!!!) Keep starin you gon' get shot

[Finian St. Omer II]
And leave you holy/holey like niggaz believe in you
Hand him a feeding tube
It ain't un-+Common+ for the streets to see +The Bitch In Yoo+
When ribs touch, shit just get out of hand, pat'nuh
So many planted in the ground, you think niggaz is gardeners
Smell the dead flowers, fiends sniffin powder
All for what, just to say my team got the power?
Dead slave owners on the currency
But niggaz ain't free to live life and 5-0 wanna bury we
Niggaz got felonies, can't get a job
No wicked jump shot, only option is to pump rock!
Meeting to the hallway, papi got that raw gate
That part will have my niggaz countin money all day


    "Guns salute life, rapidly, that's the ritual" <- Nas