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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Chaundon
Album:  Fat Boy Fresh, Volume One: For Members Only
Song:   Let It Be
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[Intro: Rapper Big Pooh]
Uh, it's Rapper
Chaundon, Mel & D
Excuse me, Mel & C-Stylez, ha

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I spent the last year trippin over all my fuck-ups
The game is fulla roaches and the rats' a buncha suck-ups
Niggaz brown-nose for a buzz
I'm tryna get drunk as Charlie Sheen, B, show me some love
like Bernie Mac say, witht he pen Poobie kinda crafty
Cause I ain't rollin with 9, they wan' shaft me
Try and outlast me, young'ns speed passť
I ain't goin back to the bottom, that's where you got it from
And ain't no problem when you climbin to the top
Remember problems resurface when you start to drop
The expectations of others determine when you flop
And even Sean John has a moment when he stopped
But time waits for none, the grind waits for some
The blind choose to shun and you're confused as some
if you believe that this +Brother+ is done
The truth is, I only begun, I go

[Chorus: Rapper Big Pooh]
I used to spend a lotta time tryna give y'all the best of me
And for my family and friends, they got the rest of me
I used to think this rap thing was my destiny
But I'm content now to let it be
I can let it be (let it be), I can let it be (let it be)
And now my family and friends, they get the best of me (best of me)
I used to think this rap thing was my destiny
But I'm content now, I can let it be, ha!

Jesus~! 40 days and 40 nights of writing
At the dorm room when it seems so exciting
Didn't have a worry, no real responsibilty
But times changed and the process is killin me
Paid dues, held on to my receipt
Lookin at me funny cause my features ain't for free?
FUCK that! Now I'm 'bout to raise up the amount
You suckas gotta pay me just to get up out the house
Got a wife now and a family in the making
Don't do it for the love, gotta bring home the bacon
You got me mistaken for these internet niggaz
Droppin free LPs', c'mon nigga please!
I thought about quittin, get a 9 to 5
Health care, Roth IRA, shit is live
But I keep one-two'n it to death on y'all niggaz
Can't stay away from this shit, go figure