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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Fat Boy Fresh, Volume One: For Members Only
Song:   RapperPooh-A-Lude
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Fair warning, people would have never had a problem
if the naysayers or the doubters would have got him
Slumped if the corner, for sure I'm a goner
Shoot with no aim, so them niggas couldn't spot him
Now I got a question, if I really even want it
when this shit is like a trip through the city of Sodom
Gomorrah, the horror, stories are endless
Workshop, working all night, no apprentice
Funny when a nigga speak truth he a menace
Ushered in the underground, lifelong sentence
There's where I dwell, ain't no need to cry for me
Rapper gonna eat, and I eat well
It's been six years since I stepped out the shell
Talent on the rise to the top, I propel
Big Dho set sail, your boy gon' win
Bet niggas act crazy when they see us again
I'm really going in, I've been had nothing to lose
So I choose to take y'all through a spin
A journey through the mind of a sane ass artist
If you spitting blah-blah shit, you a target
If you spitting blah-blah shit, then just forfeit
What go around come around, now they all on my dick

[Kendrick Lamar]
Kendrick Lamar, I'm bout to get my mop stick
Niggas bump their gums, and their bitches be bumping my shit
I fry your optics, if you watching my style, watch it
Tyrannosaurus reading a thesaurus, hold rappers hostage
Catastrophic, it's 9-11 when I'm repping
Skip college to fly first class, learn a lesson
Straight brutal, roman numerals
Number one eating Ramen noodles, rhyming crucial under the sun
Kudos to the most high, which is me
I probably make 'em plan their suicide, so usually
I ain't never been with the shit starting, but y'all done started some shit
I'm bout to drink some ex-lax then commence
to returning the favor to all of my neighbors and comrades
Calm down, you more like Trina than Trinidad at spots now
Throw your dubs up
Pussy probably holding Daisy Dukes and C-cups
I look inside this industry and I don't see much
I just see lunch, and your shit that's more bore like tourists
I'm laid back, got feet up, how cool is that?
The twenty-ten Kool G. Rap, whenever I rap
I got my arsenal stuck on my back, I'm ready for war
They tend to look for me when they fiend for Afeni Shakur
Conversing, not hibernating, under the planet core
At thirteen I cancelled PG-13 and went for gore
That's what I pledge
It's profound that I'm underground touching 'mainstreams' like river beds

Yeah, (Ab-Soul) they saying he a breath of fresh air (light?)
They can't smell all this weed that I brought in here
Black & Mild smoke still linger on my clothes
So unprofessional, I shouldn't be meeting with millionaires
Pull up a chair, I'll school you to it
I was a student truant that never studied, just always knew it
You just new to it, with no clue on how you should do it
like youth in junior high school when puberty's looming
And mind you, I never mined you, I ain't digging for gold
Honestly, I just want to stick my dick in some hoes
Kick a flow, hit the 'dro with my bros
Tippy-toe in this rap game, make a lil' name
with this lil' lane I've been paving since I was a teen
that I never really thought that I would attain
When Big Pooh dropped 'Sleepers' I could barely get a feature
They ain't know this regular nigga would be the future
I've viewed the roof from the floor, I've been here before
I'm finna blow a couple of times over like two tubas
And I'ma still want more with this appetite
till the critics stop giving me mixed signals like traffic lights
You know? The lavish life, but for now I'm the new Kunta
Slave to my rhyme book, a line of mine, your time's up
The bastard kissing your bitch with the blackened suit coolers
She'll testify, excuse Judas when I'm crucified