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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ T3 (Slum Village)
Album:  Fat Boy Fresh, Volume One: For Members Only
Song:   State of the Union
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
(If I quoted a perfect picture, would the people come see it?)
Would the people come see it? Would the people come see it?
(If I wrote a great novel, would anyone read it?)
Would anyone read it? Would anyone read it?
(The truth, I'll write it and continue to amaze)
They continue to amaze, they continue to amaze
(If the North would've lost, would I still be a slave?)
Would I still be a slave? Would I still be a slave?
(The roses do grow out of project pave)
Out of project pave, out of project pave
(Little white kids, too, need to be saved)
Too need to be saved, too need to be saved
(Life is a play and the world is your stage)
Stage... play ya role, nigga
Times is gettin tough, we all countin coins
Rock boy slang envisionin Donald Goines
Young girls dream of bein the new B
Grow up, be glam, and marry a Jay-Z
Life it shouldn't be, but this how we livin
Grown men crusin middle schools for the children
Blowin up buildings, gas four bucks
The rich gettin richer and the rest gettin fucked
We preach education when our schools ain't shit
College forty grand and that's IF they admit
Tyrone from the 'jects, single-parent home
Never leave the crib, without that chrome
Sports and entertainment ain't ALL that we have
Before you assume, my nigga, do the math
I keep gettin questioned 'bout people in my past
Tell me that the good die young, have last

[Chorus: T3]
It's the, state of the union my nigga, we up soon
They call it terrorist when we don't play by the rules
It's racism when we try to speak our views
It's known as realism when they show it on the news
It's the, state of the union my nigga, we up soon
It's hard to get it in when you destined to lose
We gotta move for the young and impressionable
The Xs' and Os' - let's go!

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Rap is gettin crazy, this ain't competition
Niggaz think beef is the way, ya start dissin
Niggaz think beef is the way, just fishin
Even more reason to stay out the kitchen
Rapper been pitchin, words to the track
Every rapper now got they start in the trap
They start flippin packs. money before the deal
Just last month, you sponsored 'em on a meal
Why keep it real when drugs can get you paid?
And just like Hammer, that fad will, too, fade
Lie about your dealin, disrespectful to the trade
It's killin our people by the hundreds every day
The media attacks, you try and back away
Stand by what you said, get the fuck out the way
Real niggaz here do this shit everyday
They don't kids come around talkin play