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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Fat Boy Fresh, Vol. 3: Happy Birthday, Thomas
Song:   Club in the City
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"Birthday memories..
 I remember two years ago, January 24th, 2011
 I was just up there, my niggaz was taking me
 out to the club in the city
 So, we go out to this club in Manhattan and..
 I'm there and you know.. just came out, had shorties came out
 Friends came out, niggaz was buying you drinks
 Started off with Long Islands, then we had shots
 Then I had some tequila, then I had some Patron, Goose
 Then I had some Henny, Ciroc, pineapple - no, Ciroc coconut, my fault
 All those drinks mixed together man just called for a bad night
 So last thing I remembered, the song came on "My Dougie"
 And.. that's the one thing I remembered
 and when I woke up the next morning, something didn't feel right
 So I got up went to the bathroom, I took a wizz
 I looked in the mirror and my front lip was busted
 Like, my top lip was touchin my nose
 So I ran out the bathroom, I went to wake my nigga up
 I said, 'Yo B, you let niggaz jump me, my nigga?! This is crazy!
 On my fuckin birthday?!' Nigga was like, 'Yo..'
 He's just like 'No, nobody jumped you, my nigga' He said, 'You did that yourself'
 I said 'How the fuck did I do this, man?!' He said, 'You just, you left the club
 I was carryin you, like you was hurt, like you was just super drunk
 You said let you go so I let you go, you was walking, you was just talking about your daughter
 And then all of the sudden... you fell face first onto the ice
 And I went to pick you up, but you picked yourself up and then..
 You started hittin your Dougie with a busted lip'
 And that's how I fucked up my lip on my fuckin birthday
 Crazy, right?"