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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Jared Evan
Album:  Fat Boy Fresh, Vol. 3: Happy Birthday, Thomas
Song:   Happy Birthday
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
My momma told me, "Thomas, you should keep fightin"
The words that I heard is "You should keep writing"
Blank stare out the window, watchin the plastic 
bag go exactly as the wind blow
Steady as the tempo, these people think it's simple
Wakin up every morning tryna figure out where time go
My thoughts ain't clear, how I wind up here?
Now I'm drinkin a beer, it's ten o'clock in the a.m.
Me and my body swayin to the mayhem, people like "It ain't him"
Starin at me like they lookin at a evil twin
Half-grin, the only thing that I could muster
Knowin at that exact moment, my life was really flustered
My house flooded, career studded
Me and my baby got our backs to the wall like it ain't nothin!
Actually, I'm breakin down though
My life's soundtrack, the beautiful sounds of a piano
Played by a two year old, bangin on the keys every night
I'm on my knees askin God, "Mercy please, help me OUT~!"
I know he hear my pleas without a doubt, heh
Now it's time for me to get out, keep pushin
No cushion, hungrier than ever
I'm willin to grind forever, FUCK weather, I'm the postman
The end of the night, propose a toast, fam
Tryna fake it 'til you make it, you don't understand

[Chorus: Jared Evan]
I was never happy
but if you're here with me then we can sing this song
How ill will that be
if we can celebrate forever 'til we're gone
But now it's around me
It's everything I need so let the candles go
Ooh-ooh, happy birthday y'all, birthday y'all
Ooh-ooh, happy birthday y'all, birthday y'all

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Parked the car, I burned out the second gear
Every year, I'm talkin 'bout it's my year
On that 12th now workin on the 5th year
Try to navigate the world, but it's +Rocky+ here
No Adrians, no Apollo Creeds
I'm flippin soft for my future seeds
I'm tired of flippin soft, now I own the deeds
If it's snakes in your yard, better cut the weeds
Preoccupied with once, can't afford your needs
And the teacher told me I wouldn't succeed
Heh, can you hear me now?
Margie's little child, making momma really proud
You can finally smile, tomorrow means a brighter day
Happy birthday y'all, wipe the tears away