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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ J. Pinder, King Mez
Album:  Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 3.5
Song:   FootPrints
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Shoulda got me some... Jack Daniels for this one
Hahaha! Yeah.. Uh... Bounce.. Yo, hehe
So smooth, I don't need-... I don't wanna say too much, y'know?

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yo, Willie B this got that bounce to it
Matter fact my nigga, burn an ounce to it
I po' up then pen songs, clowns wanna right they wrong
by makin dis songs, what the fuck is goin on with the youth?!
Ten plus years, this song truth
No matter what the budget I recoup, I'm uncouth
like a man tryna whistle that's missin his front tooths
Minor league players oblivious to the truth
They not ready, dyin to rock the boat remain steady
Let bitches do the bitchin, niggaz petty
Never gonna make it out they city, with all due respect
Y'all really can't fuck with me, I'm the one not chosen
Known to leave the fenders frozen
Take 'em to the rack and smash on 'em like DeRozan, posin
Yo, you ain't accomplish a thing
Another dream deffered, you my lil' nigga, kiss the ring, waddup?

They say life ain't fair but it sure been good to me
Baby, I can complain but why cry when I still get by
This is where I'm supposed to be, I put my prints in the sand
I put my prints in the sand, I put my prints in the sand
Why cry when I still get by, cause I know where I'm s'posed to be - it's right here

[J. Pinder]
Know trouble will find you, voice said in my head and it's final
Spinnin the vinyl, pretendin my legend on trial
That's fakin my humble, more money modesty takin a tumble
Rollin this sticky laidback, think, take on this sunroof
Prayin to put my prints in then, pen I'm not a penciler
Pensive niggaz never prosper, that don't sound like Pender, bruh
Seattle rapper lead the way, this is now my generation
No statement's too big to say, make 'em move to motivate
And Rapper Pooh done hit the dial - hold it now
Told me he got Willie B and they need me to hold it down
Golden child and gridlock make simple minds go around
Knew I would become somewhere, you have to find a different route
Get from out, round here, it's holy ground on princi-pal
All it takes is Ace to spill from the grail and snakes'll scale and slither out
Never put my faith in man who put his faith in doubt
Nothing you can say when I make my momma proud


[King Mez]
Been in er'rythang so royal and grand
But I ain't rap too tight, you artists rap like Renagel
But before my plans to come record and blend
You'll be fried shortly, they started puttin oil in pans already
Your settlement to me niggaz, sealed and send already
Put my pens in your heart, supply my demands already
I know my verse is worth it, I'm deeper than grandma purses
Runway models waitin for me, let me lend already
Let me build a brand already, people needed some of mine
All of it was planned already, all of it by God design
You can call me Richard Petty, my sick second from my drive
and being relatable, people love it when you keep it live
All I'm tryin to be is real, give you somethin you can feel
Ready to offer me a mil, I'm good if I can't keep it trill
I'm glad I'm here but I ain't e'en started eatin still
Knife and fork, won't be far when I recieve a meal