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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Blakk Soul, Will Moore
Album:  Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 3.5
Song:   Nights Like This
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[Chorus: Blakk Soul]
I remember nights like this, they never thought that I'd be here
Ramen noodles nights like this
Brainstormin no umbrella, tryna change the weather
(So unpredictable) how people come and go
But your grind still remains the same
I remember nights like this

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yo, starin at your dreams through the broken glass
Tryin to school youngins who ain't never been to class
Opportunities passed, you never heard the knock
Wanna talk about the world when you ain't left the block
Self-starter, self-proclaimed martyr
Learn to lead without reading the charter
Time we tryin to barter but it's harder when you know that Thomas miss it
No dinner on the table but you still in the kitchen

[Interlude: Will Moore]
I used to dream all the time, I pray them dreams will come true
And I wish someone will save me, somebody save me...

("This could be a dream or too real...")


[Rapper Big Pooh]
I'm thinkin 'bout, the last time I asked God for His mercy
Goin so bad, I thought He cursed me
Back to the beginning, starting over, you can call the extra innings
Jackpot Vegas 'stead of counting up my winnings
Share it with the deaf, dumb and blind
To keep it to myself, Lord it'll be a crime
I shine, you shine, we fine later down the line
You can get somebody else to same peace of mind
This a piece of mine

[Interlude + Chorus]