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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Erica Thompson
Album:  The Purple Tape
Song:   Holding Back
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[Erica Thompson]
(Ohh-ohh-ohhhhh) Normally, I kept it to myself
But seeing you, the stronger I felt
You wanted to take me off my ground
And I didn't make a sound
And everytime I would come around
It was you tryin to bring me down
So my problem now is you 

[Chorus: Erica Thompson]
I kept my cool, put up with you
But you won't see, that I won't keep
Holding back, holding back, holding back
All the time that I didn't react, now I'm not holding back

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Muh'fucker best learn your lane
Watch your mouth, do both, this they year it change
Hear people shoutin out who all strange
Now he talkin all tough like he joined a gang
Naw, nigga, I'm the same ol' G
Ask Po, ask Joc, homie they know me
And since he got here Rapper been low key
Been provoked by them folk out throwin debris
You see 'em, standing in the mausoleum
of hate, your boss mad the reports is late
Wanna talk about numbers, nigga they all fake
How you call yourself a shark when you swim in the lake?
Watch your son shine, kinda hard to take
Go cry in your car when it's time for break
While you workin overtime, Dho workin your mate
Know your future look bleak, but i'm raisin my rate, holla~!