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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Jozeemo
Album:  The Purple Tape
Song:   Law & Order
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Court date, power suit, power tie
My attorney present, we gon' make that bitch fry
She a lie, yeah I touched her - consensual, Your Honor
When my night's started, I ain't think about the drama
that would follow me, swallow me, inside hollow me

Yeah yeah, cue the violins, nigga
How did y'all meet?

[Rapper Big Pooh]
After show, after party, told me she was feelin me
Givin me them looks like she tryna fuck willingly
(How you know she wanted to?) 'Proached her for some convo
Here for one night so you KNOW how the story go
We get it in then, you gettin out

Sir, that's kinda disrespectful, do you have that kinda clout?
How could you be sure that she knew what this ins-and-outs about?

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Cause the word around town was shorty puttin out
By the time we was finished, I ain't have any doubt
She a professional - no! Hoe-fessional
Need to talk to a priest, find a confessional

Isn't it true your alias is Rapper Pooh? (Yeah)
And is it safe to say as far as fans go, you have a few? (True)
And we all know where fans go, egos follow
So this young lady's sayin no is hard to swallow? (nah!)

[Rapper Big Pooh]
True, I got a few fans, I shook a few hands
Magazines on newsstands, blah blah blah
I ain't never get caught up in the rah-rah-rah
Been a stand-up guy to this point so far
I was cool with the parties, chilled on the women
I had one in my life, homie, I was winnin
And things went sour, heart break came
I was only at the party tryin to wash away the pain
(Cry me a river!)

You're jsut like the rest of 'em (what?) - Tupac, Tyson
(Uh-uh!) Pretend to be a gentleman, but more like a liking
Look at how she frightened! The jury can relate
Now make us understand why your biggest fan callin rape?

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Please! You see the face? Heh, you see the smile?
I had these dimples sittin right here for a while
Never in my life did I EVER had to take
Especially when they serve it up on a plate
Sheeit! She callin rape?! Heh, I'm callin trap (Trappin? This ain't no Jeezy record!)
and the nerve of these women lookin for some pocket action
Ain't no satisfaction when you fuckin with a boss
Tryna extort me, baby, comes at a loss

Of course, it's clear now! You must be the victim
She should be on trial sittin where YOU'RE sittin (Damn right!)
Intercourse happened, that you're admittin
But she told you to stop and you didn't!

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yeah, intercourse happened, stop wasn't said
Until I said chill, she was fuckin up the head
Laid her on the bed, went and got a rubber
Turned on the cam, no I didn't stutter
Turned the camcorder on, yeah in that order (So disrespectful)
Went to the bathroom, got a glass of water
Huh, you don't believe me? We can watch the clip
The bailiff hit play and that bitch tried to dip (Objection! OBJECTION!)