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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Girls Like 12' /
Song:   Girls Like
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RAPPER! I'm back, bitches!
My nigga Big Dho up in here with his Le Coq Sportif track suit on..
(I know what girls like..)
My nigga G in here, wit his Members Only jacket two sizes too small..
(Girls like..)
And my nigga Khrysis in here wit his, Sergio Valente jean suit..
(I know what girls like...)
OH!!! (Girls like me!)

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Hopped out the car in my brand new Dunks
Speakers in the back, got 12s' in the trunk
O ride shotty, Joc in the back drunk
G just lookin for some chicks to hump
Po go crazy when they play his jam
Dookie gold rope, I am the man
Girls gon' flock 'cause the way I stand
Center of attention, that is the plan

[Chorus: imitating "I Know What Boys Like" by The Waitresses]
I know what girls like, they say they want me
I know what girls like, they say they horny
I know what girls like...girls like..
I know what girls like...girls like me!

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Head to the bar got cash to blow
Drinks on me - let it flow
I think we all know how the story go
Thirsty-ass broads, gotta tell them no
The club is packed, so I walk slow
Before I know, I am the show
V.I.P., bottles of Mo'
We had a good time, now we gots to go


[Rapper Big Pooh]
It's 3 A.M., so it's time to eat
Waffle House, lookin real sweet
I ordered cheese eggs, grilled chicken plate
'cause it's too late to be eatin on steak
My orange juice chilled, so am I
This girl walked in, kinda caught my eye
So I said hi, she waved back
Turned around and that ass was fat


[Rapper Big Pooh]
I paid my bill then I went to speak
I asked the young lady, "Could I have a seat?"
"What's your name?" She said Unique
but all of her friends, call her Tweet
I said, "Well Tweet, my name is Pooh
and I would love to have a rendezvous
Just tell me what I need to do"
She said, "I'm down - but not with you"
{*quiet chuckle*}