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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh & Chaundon
Album:  Idols & Role Models (S)
Song:   Idols & Role Models (Perspective #2)
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"That lonely feeling you can't rise above
 Go and find yourself somebody to love
 (Ain't that what you wanna do?)"

[Rapper Big Pooh]
With every step that I take, I'm gettin closer to God
Yeah I make plenty mistakes, but He know who we are
Remindin me of a purpose when He left me a scar
My life coulda been over easily in that car
But I'm here, not for the cheers and the accolades
I mean them things are cool, everybody craves ("somebody to love")
When I wake and take a glance in a miror
Wipe the crust from my eyes, it don't get no clearer
The people need substance, these verses are the medicine
But I would never throw a stone cause I too have sinned
People grin when they facin you in public
Talk ish when they in private, but me I rise above it
Cause there's people that's hurtin accross the globe
In this word so cold, we need ("somebody to love")
And I'm fightin to do right, it's a battle for my soul
Plenty nights, lookin right in her skirt
This Jack tastin good in my cup
I got somebody at home, but shorty, she tryna cut
Avoid the temptation, it's hard enough
in this world that's inviting Satan, to our living rooms
Hypnotized by the box with the voices
The youth need ("somebody to love")
Now they're thinkin rap is the only way
Cause it take too much work to make the NBA
And ain't no niggaz that they know really movin yay
Believe half of what you see and nothin what they say
Nothin that we play make you feel like rising up
False prophets promise healing if you fill they cups
And we do it 'til our coffers bare
We need somebody to care or ("somebody to love")
Just some thoughts I had to share

"Go and find yourself somebody to love
 (Ain't that what you wanna do?)"

Yeah, you got MTV glorifying little girls 
gettin pregnant at 16 like it's the thing to be
They cover magazines like they teen superstars
And the kids all embrace 'em, that's goin too far
Sex it at a all-time high with no glove
Girls thinkin that's the only way they gonna get ("somebody to love")
And it's sad that's the message they receive
It's hard for them to see, the forest from the trees, the things they can be
They really can't believe anything they could achieve
I got nieces, so God I beg to You on my knees
Show them the difference, make the right decisions
Even if it means that I have to change my mission
From rappin to pastor and let 'em all know ("somebody to love")
Could be a man with a college degree, not a thug on the streets 
pumpin G-packs, claimin that's the only way to eat
There's an option, do away with dudes with excuses
Girl you got the power, embrace all its uses
Anything less than what you deserve is useless
If he convince you you deserve less, then you're foolish
Be awars of your choices, clearly he is NOT ("somebody to love")
I'm just tryna put you on to some game
Avoid all the lames who be chasin all the fame
You can find a sure thing, take your time, don't rush
Use your heart and your brain
A vehicle means nothing if you ain't in your lane, nah mean?
Everything about you is precious
Worth more than the Rolls gold on his necklace
Check this, I guarantee baby you will find ("somebody to love")
Take heed to my lines

"Go and find yourself somebody to love
 That lonely feeling you can't rise above
 Go and find yourself somebody to love
 (Ain't that what you wanna do?)"