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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Joe Scudda
Album:  Nobody Do it Like Us 12"
Song:   Nobody Do it Like Us
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Oh, oh, do that mayne
Tell Cannon run that back, watch him do it again
Yeah, my heart pure but I do it to gain
I done had my shared drama but I do that again
Mayne, man, you don't wanna say that loud
No sweat from the kid, watch me wipe my brow
Need a good ass-whoopin but you not my child
Put Rapper in your deck, watch the women go wiiiiiiild
Cause they love my style
Love the tats on my arms and the sexy profile
Fresh pair of feet, two dimples when I smile
When I step out, get numbers by the piiiiiiiles
Pooh's a screwdriver
Face all in it like a deep-sea diver
Sweet piece of chocolate like you found me at Godiva's
Had other men but not now, nigga liver
Well go on say it, who's official?
Dude with no stripes, black shoes or a whistle
I'm everywhere when there's plenty pixels
Pop quiz niggas grab your number two pencils
Now everybody want to stencil
Free hair artist, got business to attend to
Check me out, go hard in the rental
Let me slow it down 'fore I lose my credentials

[Hook] {X2}
Oh my god, we go hard
That's my squad, nobody do it like us
Nah, nah, nobody do it like us
Uh, no, nobody do it like us

[Joe Scudda]
Oh, you don't hustle, you don't work, you don't grind
I will take your spot, you all mine
And while you recline, I decline
I never really stop in one place, I bring it back like a rewind
Cause I ain't ran with that
I bring it back to the crib and break it down and dismantle that
I build it back up, your homie, I'm the man with that
And I push it to the people like packs and tell 'em 'handle that'
This is ain't Dancesport sandal rap
This is Nikes, love me, hate me, like me
Fight me, bite me, fuck it, bitches like me
Tell me what it is, homie, damn what it might be
Uh, this ain't that flat-tire, broken window hoop flow
It's that two-door European coupe flow
Meaning I'm fly boy, and I despise you guys
I advise you get your eyes on the prize boy

[Chorus] {X2}

[Outro: Rapper Big Pooh, Joe Scudda]
Yeah, it's your boy muh'fuckin Rapper
	You know what it is, your boy J.O.!
And in the back we got my man Don Cannon
I like the way that one sound
	You know what it is
HOJ's in this nigga
	You know! 9-1-9
Big Dho starring the motherfucking Commissioner
	What up? Jay-Z, what's poppin?
Chaundon, the back motherfucking Twista! What up?
	I'm on them Coronas man, what up? What's poppin Corona?