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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Sleepers
Song:   I Don't Care
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Compared to whom, Pooh is the best this year
I been rockin muh'fuckers since freshman year
You can sit if you want, you can stand and cheer
You can bootleg the album, nigga I don't care!
Right now what we have is a world premier
New and exclusive shit, so sincere
Be prepared, I'm nice wit this mic device
Other niggaz do joints and it don't suffice
My advice: quit while I'm way ahead
Meetin up with me twice is a day you dread
I'm sick, no antedote to prescript
You in the mix with a nigga who flip, go all out
And ain't no chance in the world that I'ma stall out
And 'til my God say enough and put the call out
To come now, take your sun away
Get your umbrellas out, rainy day

[Chorus 2X]
You say Pooh the weak link nigga - I don't care!
You can grit, you can stare nigga - I don't care!
You can pop a lot of shit, nigga - I don't care!
You could ask me to quit, nigga - I, don't, care!

It's the most magnifa-gift of a spitter
Lyrical weight lifter, in short I'm the best
I studied this rap shit, no need to mic test
Let me put some issues to rest
Got my label in the state of the rest
'cause I know sum'hin that they don't
That this nigga right HERE, the key to success
Gettin track by Khyrsis, I can put a dollar amount
on many things, but my nigga here is priceless
Yes, I did write this, this is so righteous
This is not hype diss, this is breathe and breath
in the body of the lifeless - damn, it's so necessary!
A cold nigga, born in the month of February
And Rapper Pooh is gettin so scary
I done stepped the game up, your position here is so hairy
I'ma be the one to +Straighten it Out+
C.L. and Pete know what I'm talkin about, and it's like that

[Chorus 2X]

[DJ Flash cuts and scratches]

"I DON'T CARE!" <--- Milk D