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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ O-Dash, Spectac
Album:  Sleepers
Song:   Live Life
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[Verse 1: O-Dash]
From parts unknown, spit with the apogee of the dome
Facin enmity reasons for totin the chrome
Got a another nine and a half when Poem come home
These goner adversaries wanna pollute ozone
Now I'm up in County, where Newport's worthless bounty
But in a free world, death waits for no girl
No boy, no man, sing we scared to hold hands
Till a mighty gun jam
Now we at the funeral, all tryna pray in unison
Damn God's got a funny way of using men
Twenty-two years on earth, still ain't used to him
God, his grandmamma say "I looked just like him"
But when I saw him, it was like me in my elder state
Bug, this your father, had to hesitate
Single mother, no car, so I had to peddle weight
Goddamn the dollar's late, fuck man

[Hook: Rapper Big Pooh]
This world is a fucked up place
So we can watch it from behind our bars or under the stars
Prison yards or front seat of your car
Eatin scrapple in the mess halls of restaurants that's five star
This joint goes out to whoever you are
And wherever you are, live life to the fullest
Then the better you are, whoever you are
Wherever you are, live life

[Verse 2: Rapper Big Pooh]
Me and my brother have problems
Five years just passed and we still tryna solve 'em
I never figured out a way to resolve 'em
And cause he in the pen, I thought I could absolve him
And everything be cool, you know
I write him a couple letters while I'm off at school
But one came back, Reese actin a fool
I'm like "What the fuck is with this dude?" but I understand
I'm in the world of becoming a man
Most stuck in the can makin calls collect
Little Brother on the road tryna get them cheques
You, in the yard pumpin out your chest
Me, in the booth tryna hone these skills
It was all a dream but now it's so for real
I could never sense how you feel
But this thang has been well documented, it's time to heal this peel


[Verse 3: Spectac]
I wake up early in the morning, sunrise blessin my forehead
I seen more dead than alive, the feeling's morbid
Satellites is out in orbit
They sending images of land portions, I can't call it
Too many sources, jackasses in the office
Hittin the button like this war ain't gonna cost us nothin
Weapons of mass destruction
But be for real kid, let's be for real y'all
There's self-obstruction, right here on our own soil
It makes my blood pressure boil, can't overload
Last Samurai, Tom Cruise, no honour codes
You know how the story go, my monologue
Bout Ellison's Invisible Man, it's kinda hard
But I still make plans in a prayer and count on God
Give thanks to the brothers that's here and on the yard
It's like a game of hoops, I stay on the god
Move forward, take centre, I ain't playin with y'all
But we lazy, deaf, dumb and still we blinded
Still reminded of how far we still behind it
Still frames still being rewinded
Good times still being took from us cause we still up in bondage
And I can't rest my case your honour, I done promised
Young cats my age that I'ma flow regardless
So hard as it seems, I'ma take the stage
Cause this world...