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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Darien Brockington, O-Dash
Album:  Sleepers
Song:   My Mind
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
It's a bitch sittin here tryna forget about loss
Gettin caught in the effect and lose sight of the cause
And because certain things take me outa the picture
Doesn't mean that I ain't really missin ya, it cut a brother deep
Some nights I can't stand to sleep
Cause I'm thinkin bout them times that I played you cheap
Like you gon' be here tomorrow, I don't need to speak
Peep on, it be aight, I'll check 'em out next week
Next week never came before months went by
When I did get the call I found it hard to cry
Kept on bout my daily routine
Contemplatin on "Should I go? Should I stay? What would it mean?"
That we weren't as close as it appear to be
Even though he carry the same name as me
Wishin I could go back and change history
But I can't so I'll dream on... for a better us

[Chorus: Darien Brockington]
Now that you are gone
Lately you've been on my mind
And since you've been gone
Sunny days ain't been as bright
I've been thinkin on
All those days that passed us by
Now I'm hopin for
Just one day to make it right

[Darien Brockington]
I've been thinkin baby (it was left undone)
You always drivin me crazy (but you are gone)
And I'm hopin someday (I'll see your face)
And I'll pray we'll be together (in those pearly gates)

Hidin in the midst of confusion in a game we all losin
Tryin to escape the claws of death
Thugs - pistols usin, but in reality God's choosin
But it seem nobody is left
But the ones closest to us that never knew us
Animatin style like somebody drew us
Comin up in this life thinkin I'm the shit
Maybe cause I was raised in sewer
Seen my man get stretched out with the doula
I couldn't react cause my feet was stuck in the crack
Often stuck with a sack of bud just to relax
Kept thoughts racin to keep my mind on track
Bein broke, how I'm 'posed to cope with that?
No priest, no pope can provide hope for that
So I kicked religion off the map, set a trap
Got caught in my own shit, need a game to forfeit

[Chorus] {X2}