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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Murs
Album:  Sleepers
Song:   Now
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[Intro: Murs (Rapper Big Pooh)]
(Cheah), yeah
(Uh), Big Pooh, (what?)
Murs, (what?)
(It's like, I'm like, we like)
We the only three niggas it seems like the rap game
Without baby brothers (It's like, I'm like, we like)
So we all Little Brothers (I'm like)
Justus League, Living Legends
Yeah (check me)

[Verse 1: Rapper Big Pooh]
Well it's Rapper, Pooh, chill type fellow
Like to play the cut, observe, be mellow
Niggas want to test the boy, they want to mess with boy
I tell 'em "Not tonight, my nigga, hello"
I got a chip on my shoulder bigger than a boulder
I swear I told you or warned you son, I'm not the one!
When you see me comin to the booth
Your best bet, just reverse pivot and run
Top dog, I'm a son of a who, wanna run with the crew?
Told you we the illest there is
J-Lizzy always handle they biz, I got no time for these kids
Who gonna pout cause I ain't speak to him
When I talk, it sound Greek to them
Cause homie I don't protest
So fuck you, I ain't tryna be friends
Better yet, I'm the realest that come
Like hel-i-um, on the rise, bout to be the one!

[Hook: Rapper Big Pooh]
People wanna stop my shine
And they wanna take what's mine
Ever since I came out the gate niggas
Suck on the kid and they wonder why I hate niggas
Niggas see me doing my thing
They wanna be a part of my team
And they wonder why I stay on the low
To avoid fake niggas tryna steal my glow

[Verse 2: Rapper Big Pooh]
And this is for anybody not checking for me
Or the cats from the League, or the state of NC
We put it down like, or get around like
Shock G when he playin Humpty
And now these chickens getting wet to hump me
I guess I got to go and make "Groupies Pt. 3"
So pardon me for my foul demeanour
Ever since The Listening, Pooh's got a lot meaner
I seen her, and she ain't pretty
The other side of the dream when it do get gritty
Random niggas wanna cling to your side, and family members arise
Who you ain't heard from since five
I wish, you can get a closer look in my eyes
And realise this is pain brewin from the inside
But my pride won't let me quit
And I'm the man that I am just because of it, biatch!


[Verse 3: Murs]
This is Murs, CST 1-9-7-8
Since then been a G from the Golden State
First touched a four-track since back in 1992
Now I'm busting on tracks with a Rapper named Pooh
Your crew (shut up, put in on) inconsequential
We intercontinental over Khrysis instrumentals
Not as simple as it looks, sixteen and a hook
There's a lot more to this rap game, nigga look
That's exactly how you up and coming artists get shook
And took, for all your green, broke for self-esteem
Your hopes and your dreams, it's not as easy as it seems
To get your CD on the scene, keep rappin for fun
Freestylin to yourself bout how you clappin your guns
While I'm stackin these huns, till they thick as a tiller
How you got a glass jaw, tryna spit like a killer?
I rhyme, write hooks till your transpare remandable
Shatter, leaving shards of you showbiz animals
That trained to look hard for these video channels
So they, mean up they mug, and they, hardcore strut
When they soft as that porn that they showin uncut
Wanted to fuck every single last one of y'all up
But Big Pooh told me chill, plus the label called me up
And said that you would probably sue cause your crew was too timid
Plus it wouldn't be good for my backpackin image, hahaha


[Outro: Rapper Big Pooh]
Cheah, uh, what? What?
It's like, I'm like, we like
It's like, I'm like, we like
I'm like