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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Joe Scudda, Median
Album:  Sleepers
Song:   Scars
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[Intro: Rapper Big Pooh]
Uh, Rapper Pooh, 9th Wonder
Joe Scudda, Median
Topshop, you know how we do
For real, yo, check it out now

[Verse 1: Rapper Big Pooh]
Whoa, let's take a walk through my life
Pops ain't love me, moms tried to raise me right
Two younger sisters and an older brother like
You gotta be nice when you fight
You better think twice when you fight cause you playing with a life
And some niggas get trife when you playing with their life
And they go for their knife or they bust at you twice
Or they take it to your crib and put a couple in your wife
Or your kids or whomever, whenever they can get it
They can get it right now for a couple of them digits
Really, but beef gets sliced from bullshit silly
Clowns in the club, clowns out in pub
A lick get drilled quick and plugged quick
For popping lip up in gums talking reckless and shit
Get that beef cooked up like some breakfast and shit
Jimmy Dean bright and early, scrambled eggs and grits
Got that toast buttered up ready to serve you quick
Pacing back and forth, parking lot looking real thick
In the midst of some chicks on the prowl for dick
Young scrapper got a point to prove, that his nuts is big
And everything that he say he live
And everything that he speak he did
And everything that he clutch is big
In the middle of the time, went up and touched the kid, off he slid

[Verse 2: Median]
Pooh hold up, niggas thought that I was bullshittin?
Let me find out y'all hating on the League like stool pigeons
You couldn't sense that it was bigger than the lyrics?
How I fight and draw pictures like Antwan Fischer
Take control of the board like Bobby Fischer
Make pawns come and get ya, assassinate ya like a bishop
Niggas couldn't feel the spirit in here?
How it either draw you nearer or make you fear it in here
Come on, you couldn't sense from the reflection of my women?
See the soldiers in my sisters while y'all hoes cold as winter
Shoulda copped and blown on some pimpin
Iceberg Slim shit, come to find out y'all trickin
See the dough slow up, and you wanna what
Wife your hoes up and down seven like Rosebud
With two D's for a double dose of the fiction
You faking ass, fronting felonious ass niggas
Never left the block, how-could-you-know-me ass niggas
Frown ass, clown ass, homie ass niggas
I should start smackin niggas with a sock
No question, just start askin niggas where to chop
Mister M-E-D, I to the A-N
Swayin, open off The Listening and made him
Niggas got to pay for relief, I see you waitin
Just let them guys blow in the wind, money they paper
Just let them guys blow in the wind, money is paper

[Verse 3: Joe Scudda]
Uh huh, yeah, they tryna box me in
I'm in the best shape right now, so rap, yo
Yo, it's a new day, I got a new plan
A kid stretches him arms out, he's a new man
They wanna see me lose, yo I got news fam
Settlin is somethin I never do fam
Dumb shit will put your ass in the newsstands
Playing games with lames, J. Scudda through man
I got somethin left to prove man
And y'all cats wanna hold me up, they try to "cut me deep"
They wanna see me boxed in, fuck a rebound
I boxed out, popped out, BING, knockout
And if my back's to the wall, I air ya block out
You all sweet, have you saying man he "cut me deep"
You damn right, bark just as bad as my bite
And my days be as bad as my nights
Thinking I need to peel out, I got shirts I need to fill out
I'm tryna eat, this hunger "cut me deep"
And I can dig it, feel how I live it
I watch the world, three hundred and sixty on my pivot
Have people talking bout where they were when I did it
That classic shit, never forget it when it "cut me deep"
And it left a scar, that reminds me of
Where we are, where we been and where we going to
And all the bullshit we going through
From beef in the streets to being a broke man, it has "cut me deep"
And now you feel me, so why do I drink and
Live life filthy and smoke cigarettes
Even though they might kill me and eat red meat
So I can't sleep a wink, cause the life I chose "cut me deep"
But I love it though...