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Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Sleepers
Song:   The Fever
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Somebody give him some Vicks
A hot mug fulla TheraFlu, Tylenol to rem'y the sick
They say the cure, yo it doesn't exist
I've been known to be prescripted, hand to hand to handle the fix
A contraband landed me on the list, wanted issue
Phlegm rip tissue, I pocket the set
Diagnosed a disease that's been given to vets
I'm a hero out of town and come home to threats
Complex man divided, my soul ignited
'mmune system built up, I'm prepared to fight it
Write it down, recite it, or come off of the top with it
Script in my palm, we carry along
Now ring the alarm, we cain't save him
Thirty-five millimeter film has become rest havens
Shit's funnier than Wes Craven, I thought my nigga told y'all
More deleting and less saving, let's get 'em

[Chorus: 2X]
I've been called the cure
Uncut, raw, pure, that's for sure
I am the medicine they waiting on
They never seen a cat like me before

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Somebody get him a doc, prepare for surgery
Scrub your hands up cause it's time to op
Don't nobody on the streets got the shit that I got
Rock the mic like crack, rock like Mack
A lot of niggas new to the game, give 'em an ass slap
I'm past that, high speed to my early teens
Been a fiend for the beats and rhymes, ahead of my time
Been lapped once and just catching up to it
So fluent, flow like Bob Ross drew it
Who is the next best? So fresh
Jam like Def, respirate me please
I'll break brainstorms, ink, poison and trees
He's in the zone and your deed can't stop him
I bet you with his eyes closed, he can still drop 'em
Pop 'em from behind the ark
Send a piece up to Pete with a pound of my heart, c'mon

[Chorus: 4X]

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Somebody send him a prayer, I swear
Cause this is the year we gon' get it however
And even by myself, LB together
Prepare for any weather, ponchos official
City slick with the best, locked, confidential
Record rock solid just like prudential
Dho got the resume so fuck credentials
Scoring parts with words when it come to the pencil
They couldn't get it right if I lent 'em a stencil
I ain't really tryna offend you
But between you and I, we both know the truth
Pooh a pyromaniac when it come to the booth
Fresh squeezed juice right down to the pulp
Keep a smile on my face while them haters sulk
See the green in your mug like Incredible Hulk
Feeble so go correct your talk
I got the remedy