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Artist: Big Sean f/ Kendrick Lamar, Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Detroit
Song:   100
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

As I look up to the sky
Thought about a 100 things to do before I die
Hit all the girls I want and make sure my niggaz right
And my family live that life
As I look up to the sky
Thought about a 100 things to do before I die
Wonderin if I could live it all in one life
Cause it could all end in one night
As I look up to the sky
I thought about a 100 things to do before I die

[Big Sean]
Couple niggaz on the hitlist and bitches on a different type
Same shit different nights, till I live a different life
Sean you looking tired, damn homie that's all
I've been stressin so hard I'm surprised I ain't going bald
Haters praying I fall, move back in with my moms
Take online classes and turn back into ya'll, hatin'
I guess they want your lights out when you the plug
Niggaz wanna catch you slippin like they pulled the rug
From where they move the drugs, Buddha love
Niggaz sleepin with that mac and I ain't talkin bout computer love
All the wrong people you a price tag
Now you pray to God hoping that you got a Christ tag
Make it where I'm from, stay who I become
Time to raise hell, say nay my son
Taking elevators straight up out the slums to a penthouse view
And have the fam there too


If I just stop breathin, even though I got all this motherfuckin money
Won't keep my heart beatin
Just don't let me die
Wake me up
You can't catch me dreamin
Bout all of this motherfuckin money
Cocaine rush, I'm speedin
Cocaine rush...

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I'm just a Detroit nigga, nothing extra about me
I go extra hard at the first second you doubt me
I strive for perfection at the same time
I'm accepting the fact that there'll never be nothing perfect about me
Shit, I'm just waiting on a win
Come up with better hooks, the hoes'll take it on the chin
We are 6 mile bred, thats why you see our sick style yeah
Crackhouse flow with a pit downstairs
Momma happy at me, daddy happy at me
The baddest chick is yonking, imagine this chatty yapping at me
5 years ago I was in tears in the back of a paddy wagon
Now I'm Cali swaggin'
My nigga listen, I'm over the fame
You number 1, I'm 23, my mission is take over the game
You rollin with lames, we ain't rollin the same
I'm the best out in this motherfucker
If I could get a check out of this motherfucka big enough to set my kids up for life
I could check out of this motherfucka, with no regrets
If you ain't living your life for ya kids, I ain't giving yo ass no respect
(Sean, I love you my nigga, I'm out)

[Chorus] + [Bridge]

[Kendrick Lamar]
I gotta break ya fuckin heart
I gotta climb these fuckin charts (I gotta climb)
I gotta do something that's innovative
Creative just to create a legacy before death do us part
I gotta spend one summer in Tijuana with Tia and Tia's momma
Breakfast in bed is head with plenty of Carne Asada (I gotta)
I gotta find me a wife to elope (I gotta)
I got a fine, cause I ain't wanna vote, I promise
I know the history of those who died for the rights for me to survive
But those who lied to the minority will make 'em turn inside they grave
I can easily pretend like yall, but thats not me
I gotta spread the truth even when the truth can hurt the youth
Need to know every detail about this Earth, the devil controls it
So before you scrutinise how I feel ask God if those polls important
The end is near!

[Chorus] + [Bridge]