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Artist: Big Sean f/ Jeezy, Payroll, Roscoe Dash
Album:  Hall of Fame
Song:   It's Time
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: Big Sean]
Uh, I done fell asleep fucking last night
Thatís how much I donít sleep nigga
Finally Famous, nigga (let me get a little finally famous, nigga)

[Chorus: Big Sean] + {Roscoe Dash}
And Iíll be goddamned if I didnít {yeah}
Put the city on letís get it {yeah, yeah, yeah}
(We'll be alright alright alright) let's get it
(Alright alright alright) letís get it {leggo}
And Iíll be goddamned if I didnít {whoa, whoa, whoa}
Put the city on letís get it (whoa, whoa, whoa}
(We'll be alright alright alright) let's get it {go, go, go}
(Alright alright alright) letís get it {go, go.. go}

[Big Sean] 
Today is a good day
I wish a nigga would day
Ride through the hood day (swerve)
Ride through the hood where I would stay
If I wasnít me, wasnít committed (oh)
I told my mom and my dad (what) itíll be the last Christmas
In the hood that you can visit, oh boy I got it, no chasers
Cause the best mixed with Hennessey is problems
I took that advice young when I was headed up to college
Momma swimming in that debt, rather swim with the piranhas or the shark
Ready set go, on your mark to the top
Getting rich ainít a blessing itís a choice
Drunk and still drinking out the fucking bottle
I want a hood rat bitch motherfuck a model
You ain't alive if you ain't living thatís the motto
And immaí probably wake up tomorrow sayin, sayin


Lets get it, yeah be alright nigga
Itís the motherfucking world nigga
What, what, ay, let's go!

Getcha some time to just do it how I done it (AY)
First up on the first causeí first of all you gotta want it (yeeeah)
Re-up time for every penny, never fronted (nah)
Showroom floor, paid every penny then I stunted (ha-ha)
Stunted so hard you woulda thought I was a stuntman (yeah)
TS4 with 23ís Iím talking jumpmans (daaamn)
Twos and thirds watch for the blitz, you know they rushin' (rushin')
Just donít get caught in the coupe with them birds, end of discussion
Them boys round the corner wanna sell in that Cal Ripken (Rip)
If them niggas think Iím riding with that, them niggas trippin' (that's right!)
Yeah I got a magnificent hustle, causeí immaí grinder (grinder)
Told my O's, "I'm hiding you here, so they wonít find you" (yeah)
What you know about a bag thatís heavy as anacondas?
Bet you one thing, I ainít talking no marijuana (nah)
Thatís whats wrong with these niggas they think itís about shine
You niggas get back to your grind, I think itís about time (AY)

[Chorus] - w/ Jeezy ad-libs

They say itís my time according to my Rolex
Iím bout to fuck the game, then your ho next (yeah)
I used to talk dirty on my cell, no phone sex (nah)
No yoga boy I was making blow stretch (come on)
Press the fast forward button, Iím pushing a foreign something (yup)
All through my neighborhood, next stop is the haters hood (let's go)
My bitch so bad, but you can bet that my paper good
I do this for real, you lil niggas just fake it good
Itís time for a new crib, itís time for a new chain (yup)
20 thousand on me homie thatís just loose change (ha)
Too many diamond chains that nigga a mess
But if you knew bout my hood youíd say that nigga is blessed (4-1)
Detroit in this bitch, Big Sean what it do bro? (Whattup?)
Getting money four ways so I can buy a two-door (yeah)
Stash looking healthy but my jewelry got the flu though (sick)
The hustleís who I represent, Dough Boyz we in this bitch (Doughboyz)


"D-D-D-Detroit, once the backbone of this country
Now itís the largest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy
Thriving neighborhoods are now vacant
Going from a population of nearly 2 million to under 700,000 in a matter of years
The people of Detroit really going to have to stick together to make it through these tough times."